Student Organizations are governed by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Divison of Student Affairs.

Student Government Association Edit

SGA officially recognizes student organizations that meet recognition criteria detailed in its statutes. It also provides funding for student organization activities and projects. Information about student organization recognition and funding etc. is available on the Student Government Association website under the funding link.

Center for Student Leadership Edit

Registration and support services for student organizations is provided by the Center for Student Leadership (CSL). The CSL is a co-funded by SGA and the University administration. This means it works to provide student organization registration, orientation and support services on behalf of SGA. But it also acts as an agent for the University and will work with the Dean of Students to investigate student organization that may violate University Codes of Conduct for the University. A list of officially recognized student organizations is available on the CSL website listed below. Their website is being edited regularly so a direct link to the student organization database link would not be useful.

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