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Shocker Card Discounts Edit

SGA establishes these discounts.

Businesss Contact Information Phone Special Offers
Ty's Diner 928 W. 2nd 316-263-1416 Free 1/2 order of fries
Molers Camera 2609 E. Douglas 685-1114 10% off purchase of SLR's
Golden Dragon 6100 E. 21st #180 682-8755 10% off
Backstage Grill 6140 E. 21st 618-8500 10% off
Wendy's @ 21st & Woodlawn 2120 N. Woodlawn 688-5746 5% off
Grahams 10001 E. Kellogg Dr. 686-1180 21+ FREE, 18-20 $6 on Thurs
Braeburn Golf Course 4201 E. 21st 682-6858 10% off
Alnoor Groceries 5220 E. 21st 682-6858 10% off
Dickinson NorthRock Theatres Near 29th & Rock Rd. 636-5432 $2 off after 6pm
Safe Riders 461-7433 $5 off

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