General Overview Edit

Sodexo Services

Sodexo or University Dining Services is actually part of the Marriot Corportation. The University has a contract with Sodexo to provide food service to WSU. Sodexo's services include Fairmount Towers Resident Hall Cafeteria, Wheatshocker Convenience Store, Blimpies subs, (Hubbard Hall), Freshens Coffee/Smoothie Counter(RSC), Brennan Hall Candy Counter, Ablah Library Book and Bezn coffee stand and finally the RSC foodcourt which has been known traditionally as Copperfield's. Copperfield's was the previous name of the cafeteria-style dining room that existed in the foodcourt space prior to the recent remodel that created the foodcourt. This is why there is still a sign in front of the food court that reads "Copperfield's".

The RSC food court consists of the Sodexo Short Order Grill, Sodexo Corner Subshop, Chickfila, Taco Bell, Sodexo Salad Bar, Sodexo Pizza Station and Sodexo Italian/Oriental Bar. The other food service option is provided by the RSC itself. It is the Rec Center(RSC Basement). It's menu is primariy fried foods, hotdogs, beverages, beer and other concession stand foods.

RSC REC Center Snack Bar Edit

The good thing about the RSC Rec Center is all the profits are reinvested into the RSC. Most students don't know the RSC is actualy a not for profit corporation.

Mealplan/Shockerdollars Usage Options Edit

As with many colleges student who live in housing either have a declining balance account or a mealplan. At WSU the declining balance account is called ShockerDollars. These can only be used at Sodexo food locations(See List above). The meal plan can only be used at the cafeteria. The RSC Rec Center Snack bar is not part of Sodexo so it doesn't accept the University declining balance account as payment. It does accept cash and credit cards.

Best Kept Secrets Edit

Blimpies: After the food court closes at 3pm most people think the only options are Chick Fila (Famously Greasy) or the RSC Rec Center(Fried Foods). Or they can hike to the cafeteria which is open from 4-7. Blimpies in Hubbard Hall is open till 8 oclock and offers a healthy alternative with deli sandwiches. No one apparently knows about Blimpies evening hours so there is never a line. Sandwiches are made fresh. It is also a great alternative if you don't want fried food or didn't get to the cafeteria by 7 and have shockerdollars. I have night classes from 4-630 and 7-10 so the cafeteria is out. Blimpies is a campus secret.

Sodexo Short Order Grill Breakfast: The Short Order Grill in the RSC Foodcourt is open at 7 and offers traditional american made to order breakfast favorites. It is sort of like going to a restaurant in a small town. I recommend the omlets. Breakfast is served from 7am-10am.

Least Favorites Edit

Many people who have shockerdollars or mealplans may not know the cafeteria is open from 9pm-11pm Sunday through Thursday. The late night meal service at the cafeteria is a great idea in theory. Unfortunately they seem to consistently have a menu limited to cereal, waffles, smoothies and maybe chips and salsa. When they do offer a good meal they have a turnout. This is demonstrated by the annual breakfast with the President when a full breakfast menu is provided and the cafeteria is packed. This limited menu and the fact the cafeteria is another 3-4 blocks out of my way is why i normally just stop at Blimpies before 8pm. I at least get my money's worth unlike the midnight breakfast at the cafeteria.

Near Campus/Late Night Options Edit

Sonic near 21st and Hillside is open 24hrs and seems to have consistently good food. McDonald's at 17th and Hillside is also open 24hrs but food quality seems to be inconsistent. I have polled many who live in my building and they agreed. You can also get pizza from Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Papa Johns until at least midnight. All three companies offer online ordering options for those who live online.

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