When enrolling into a class, you only see the name of the instructor/professor. Wouldn't it be great if you knew more about him--like how engaging his/her classes are or if you'll be overloaded with readings or assignments. [Editors: the same teacher may be hated and liked by many people, so keep in perspective who the intended audience is.]


It would be nice to have a standard way to rate them when adding new entries. For now, just use general terms similar to the following. A new system that has icons/colors would be good.


  • Most recent degree achieved

Class type

  • Book (following along in a book)
  • Research (essays on lots of reading / research)

Lecture (style)

  • passionate
  • engaging
  • monotone

Homework (style)

  • weekly
  • seldom

Exam (style)

  • Comprohensive
  • Tricky
  • Straight-forward


  • class notes, slides
  • quizes
  • announcements
  • grades (updated through semester)
  • assignments


Name College / Dept Education Class type Lecture Homework Exam Blackboard
Asst Prof William L. Vanderburgh PHIL PhD 2001 Book Engaging Weekly, Extra credit Straight-forward notes, assignemnts, grades
Assoc Prof Rajiv Bagai CS PhD 1990 Book Overhead slides Seldom Straight-forward assignments, grades
Mirabilis D'Souza CS MS 2000 Book Overhead Every couple weeks Mostly straight-forward, somewhat tricky notes, assignments, grades

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