how do you improve gas mileage without doing some serious damage to your pocket? Here’s how:

Drive less
It’s not actually a bad idea to take public transportation once in awhile or carpool with your friends. Think of the money you’ll save on gas and surely, you’ll do some serious thought on ditching your ride every so often. It’s also a good idea to bike or walk, if your destination is just around the corner. It’ll be good for your health and your pocket.

Park, don’t let your car idle
Even if it’ll just take your spouse five minutes to run into the grocery store, don’t let your car idle. It would only waste gas and give off harmful emissions to the environment. So, find a good parking spot, turn off your car, and take some walk. It’ll be good for you and your car.

Slow down
Flooring on the gas pedal causes the engine to eat up a lot of fuel. So, respect the speed limits and drive slowly. Accelerate smoothly and be sure to stay gentle with the gas pedal. Remember that aside from shedding thousands of bucks for gas alone, over speeding might get you a speeding ticket down the road.

Get a Tune-up
Misfiring spark plugs and inadequate fuel system result in too much fuel consumption. It’s important that you regularly bring your car to your mechanic for check up. This way any car trouble will be addressed early on. It’s particularly important to have the air conditioning system checked. Keep in mind that malfunctioning AC system can drain your tank. It’s a good idea to roll the windows down instead of using the AC when the weather is not extremely hot.

Don’t load up too much
Excess baggage uses a lot of gas. Aside from making it taxing for your car to carry the excess weight, this causes the engine to work harder as well and eat up a lot of fuel. So, remove the junk out of your trunk and keep only what you need.

These simple tips would surely help you improve gas mileage and save a lot of money. But don’t forget to keep the other components of your car tuned up as well to help prolong the service life. This includes the auto lights, engine, and brake system. These components also play important roles in perking up that mileage and saving a lot of dough. And while regular maintenance is not a cure-all solution to getting the cutback you want, it would still give noticeable difference in your car’s performance and your savings. I know that changing car parts like headlights is once in a blue moon but proper use of car can also save your car life.

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