Rhetoric Edit

Sometimes called art, rhetoric is textual/visual/auditory manipulation to strengthen the argument. The classical modes are pathos, ethos, and logos. Each mode has a defined argumentative style. For example, ethos (character, ethic) is developed by credentials, knowledge, or respect. For example, one would look to Doctor David Suzuki to understand environmental issues. Kevin

Other Rhetoric Definitions:


Britannica Concise

Bootstraps, by Victor Villanueva, Jr.

Sonja K. Foss, Karen K. Foss, and Robert Trapp’s Rhetoric Definition

Amanda Goldrick-Jones' Rhetoric Definition

Kim's Favourite Rhetoric Definition by Sir Francis Bacon: Edit

Notwithstanding, to stirre the Earth a little about the Rootes of this Science, as we haue done of the rest; The dutie and Office of Rhetoricke is, To apply Reason to Imagination, for the better moouing of the will; For wee see Reason is disturbed in the Administration thereof by three means; by Illaqueation, or Sophisme, which pertains to Logicke; by Imagination or Impression, which pertains to Rhetoricke; and by Passion or Affection, which pertains to Moralitie. And as in Negotiation with others; men are wrought by cunning, by Importunitie, and by vehemencie; So in this Negotiation within our selues; men are vndermined by Inconsequences, sollicited and importuned by Impressions or Obseruations: and transported by Passions: Neither is the Nature of Man so vnfortunately built, as that those Powers and Arts should haue force to disturbe Reason, and not to establish and aduance it: For the end of Logicke is to teach a fourme of Argument, to secure reason, and not to entrappe it. The end of Moralitie, is to procure the Affections to obey Reason, and not to inuade it. The end of Rhetoricke, is to fill the Imagination to second reason, and not to oppresse it: for these abuses of Arts come in, but Ex obliquo, for Caution. Kenena

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