The development of a website should follow the guidelines of creating a good website. The Web Style Guide by Lynch and Horton is a good reference for learning the criteria in web site design and analysis. The rhetorical design of the website is debatably the most important consideration in the design process. The designer of the website must identify their audience and the purpose, context and mission of the site. If the design identifies with the wrong audience, it will alienate the real audience or be off-putting and lose its effectiveness. A site must be navigable and consistent, so that visitors can find the information that they want quickly and effortlessly. It should be organized and easy to read. The pages should be conducive to scanning, skimming and other editorial features. Typography and legibility are crucial to conveying the message intended. Graphic and multimedia overuse can hinder the message and distract the reader. Finally, the website designer must be careful of the style and editing of the text, assuring accuracy and successful communication of the message. Kenena

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