Reading Web Video

Web video has many beneficial uses, such as web lectures, podcasts, web conferencing and "how to" videos. Since television dominates many aspects of society, it is not surprising that it occupies a big space on the web. Carrie mentioned that "100 million clips are viewed daily on YouTube".

--Kimania 19:56, 9 November 2006 (UTC)

Reading Web Video

As web video dominates more and more vitual space and vice-versa, as more people begin to jump on the web video bandwagon, this medium has exploded into one in its own. NBC, for example, has just signed a deal with YouTube- [[1]] - as well as other major television networks. From big corporations, to independent film makesr, webcam users to educational institutions, there is no dout that people have found benefits to this new medium of fast communications.

It is interesting to see how something as culturally dominant as television combines with the vast world wide web to create a many uses such as web conferencing, "how to" videos, the news and much more. On one hand webvideo is becoming more democratic - [[2]] - while on the other hand it is becoming a huge market comodity for large corporations like NBC.

Regardless, it is used to express views and opinions and like an encylopedia, presents a compendia of information. Compared to print literacy, this medium invites us to aquire visually literate skills. Theorists like Niel Postman would cringe. With this explosion of web video there also raises questions about audience, censorship, violence and control.

--Kimania 00:41, 25 November 2006 (UTC)

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