The topic of Literacy in the Age of the Internet includes an analysis of the nature of print versus that of electronic writing. The two mediums were thought to have their own appropriate time and place. The relationship with the book is personal and people are able to spend more time reading it without general discomfort or strain on their eyes. This is not the case when reading online, where generally our eyes tire and we lose our concentration more quickly.

When we are looking for quick facts it is much easier to surf the internet (and we may encounter some amusing distractions along the way). The internet is beneficial for quick research. It is less costly than buying print copies of documents that are accessible online and we can do it from the comfort of our homes, workplace or school. Finally, there is the big question of credibility and reliability of the information. There is the potential to be an anonymous writer but not necessarily a reliable source. Still, despite possible drawbacks, many of us rely on electronic communication daily. Kenena

The web will never replace going to a museum to see a work of art, going the ballet to see a live performance, or take the place of a great printed novel. It will, however, afford those who might not have ever had the chance to learn about these things, the opportunity to explore and find a greater palette of personal interests.


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