Body language is often thought to be more important than the spoken or written word. It is believed that 55% of our face to face communication is done by body language and only 7% with words. With that in mind, here are a few tips to try to read what others may be trying to let you know.

If you think someone is cute, but aren't sure if they are into you...look at their feet. When standing in a group of people, check out the person's feet. Who they are pointing at, more often than not, indicates who they are interested in. Other hints that a person may send your way include exposing their wrist, playing with their hair and leaning in towards you.

Not sure if your buddy is lying? One of these signs usually P.E.G.S. their dishonesty: P = Personal Gestures, like scratching or fidgeting; E = External Gestures, like looking in their bag or pocket; G = Grooming Gestures, like adjusting/brushing off clothing, nail-biting or fixing hair; S = Supportive/Protective Gestures, like crossing arms or legs, covering their mouth or eyes or hiding their hands or feet.


Learn how much you say without saying a word, at the Body Language website. Kenena

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