Expert Tutor for Organic Chemistry & German Language in Philly & Southern NJEdit


I have four years of lecturing experience as a university faculty member (NOT a teaching assistant, a pre-med or a student). My tutoring expertise -and I mean expertise- is in organic chemistry. I can also tutor in General Chemistry, and to High School students. Obviously, I have a PhD in the subject area.

By the way, I am also a fluent German speaker and can tutor in that field, too.

The way that I work is for us to first discuss your problem areas, and then we meet for a first time to develop a strategy to increase your basic knowledge through detailed explanations, working through off-the-cuff problems and analyzing your past exams. We apply this strategy through later sessions, if appropriate. That way, you become best prepared for the next exam.

My teaching philosophy and strategy are described on my website

If you're interested, then either drop me an e-mail (via my website)or call me at either (609) 526-5535 or (301) 312-5145 (cell). My home base is in Burlington, NJ, but I also work in Philly.Otherwise, if you live further away from Burlington than this, then we can always meet half-way. My rates reflect the fact that I'm a pro: $ 40/hour (but two students can split the rate). Just so you know!

Till later,

F. H.

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