Miami has a reputation for being one of the most happening cities in the country. If the decision to come to Miami was influenced by Wild On, rap videos, or both, you won't be disappointed.


Unfortunately, since Miami has solidified it's rep as a party city, those of you who are underage without a fake ID will quickly find out Miami is not a party school. Still, there are ways to have a good time on campus after dark.


When in doubt, go to the Rat. Happy hour prices early evening, live bands and events during the weekends, and an unbeatable atmosphere will keep you busy until it closes at 10pm.


Recently, the Rat has gotten a lot stricter on underage drinking. They have purchased ID scanners, and the servers (most of whom are currently new and not as prone to not care as much) are given complete discretion as to whether to scan your ID. The manager has also been known to randomly go into servers' sections and scan everyone there.

If you're underage and your ID doesn't scan, you drink at your own risk.


5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

This laid-back brewery, located next to the Circle K behind the baseball stadium, features standard bar fare such as hearty meals, occasional live music, and of course, beer: Titanic brews six different blends, right on location. Also, unlike the Rat, Titanic also serves liquor.

TGI Friday'sEdit

1200 South Dixie Highway
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Right across the street from campus, Friday's not only offers a good, filling meal for a good price, but also offers happy-hour priced draught beer, appetizers, margaritas and the most potent (jumbo-sized, I might add) Long Island Iced Teas this close to campus. NOTE: A student was run over and killed while crossing US-1 on this intersection. Remember to look both ways.

Frat PartiesEdit

If you're an incoming freshman, expect greek organizations to be hounding you. Rush week is always a fun week (and don't be fooled - there's no such thing as "dry rush"). However, after rush week, the only way you'll see more of these parties is by actually joining a greek organization.

It's your call.

House PartiesEdit

The house party scene is not huge in Miami, but you can almost always find a party every weekend. Cups are usually $5, and sometimes the host will offer goodies like jello shots. Arrive early, as these parties tend to be broken up by midnight, 1AM at the very latest.

Dorm PartiesEdit

If you live on campus, why not just get together with the folks on your floor? Be it to play Halo, watch Law & Order, or get absolutely wasted, sometimes you need not look beyond where you live.

Coral GablesEdit

Downtown Coral Gables, just a couple minutes' drive from campus, offers everything needed for a relaxing night out. Miracle Mile, and the roads surrounding it, offer shopping, fine dining and good drinks, all while being surrounded by Coral Gables' unique architectural and floral feel.

The BarEdit

172 Giralda Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134

A Coral Gables staple since the 1940s, The Bar offers drinks and music in a very relaxed environment, with a reasonably good food selection, to boot. And remember: Tuesday night is Ladies' Night at The Bar.

Fritz and Franz BierhausEdit

60 Merrick Way
Coral Gables, FL 33134

A relative newcomer, Fritz and Franz is a German-themed restaurant, featuring German meals such as bratwurst and schnitzel over loads of sauerkraut, and a large selection of German beer, poured in distinctly-German litre mugs. Every fall, F&F celebrates Oktoberfest in Coral Gables, with food & drink specials, as well as polka dancing.

For the adventurous, F&F offers the "Biermachine," a nifty concoction that holds 2 litres of beer, with four tubes coming out of it - essentially, a "beer hookah." Have fun.

John Martin's Irish Pub & RestaurantEdit

253 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

For the Irish in all of us, there's John Martin's, a cozy Irish-themed pub right on Miracle Mile. It features Irish staples such as corned beef & cabbage, potato cakes, and naturally, freshly-poured pints of Guinness - all against a pub backdrop put into place with painstaking detail. As with any Irish pub, the place is guaranteed to be fun if you're in town for St. Patrick's Day.

South MiamiEdit

An oft-neglected segment when it comes to nightlife, South Miami nevertheless has some neat little gems for everyone.

The Shops at Sunset PlaceEdit

5701 Sunset Drive
South Miami, FL 33143

The closet shopping mall to campus, it's also a popular gathering point for students, to the point that the school runs a weekend shuttle to and from the mall. Besides the regular fares of shopping, dining and movies, the ball boasts a couple of other gems.


If you've ever been to Dave & Busters, you already have an idea what this place is about. Drink, play games, drink, play games, repeat. Loads of fun, if a bit expensive.

Dan Marino'sEdit

Named after (and owned by) the Dolphins legend himself, Dan Marino's is a nice, fairly elegant spot to grab a few drinks and just relax.


Sunset's latest addition, MartiniBar not only offers standard bar food and drinks, but is also the subject of a reality show. Like Dan Marino's, a more sophisticated venture. So much, they have an unusual age limit - +21 for girls, +25 (!) for guys.

Bougainvillea's Old Florida TavernEdit

7221 SW 58th Ave
South Miami, FL 33143

Hidden behind the Shops at Sunset, Bougainvillea's is very happening on some nights (Ladies' Night - Wednesday - and Saturday night especially), and more low-key on others. Offer standard bar events, such as live music, but also add things like poker tournaments, stand-up comedy, and champagne nights. Friendly staff makes for a great atmosphere and usually, strong pours.

If your goal is to get absolutely blitzed out of your mind, order their signature drink, the "Mongolian Motherfucker." Happy partying.

Hooligan's PubEdit

9555 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33156

While technically not within South Miami's borders (it's actually much further south), it must be mentioned as it offers 25-cent pitchers on Tuesdays from 12AM-2AM. You heard me - that's a quarter for a pitcher of beer. You can't argue with that.

Coconut GroveEdit

No guide on UM nightlife is complete without mentioning the Grove. The Grove is the heart of Miami's bar scene. If you don't enjoy clubbing much, you'll find the Grove to be much more to your liking. The Grove is also where students go to celebrate Halloween, Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day.

Thursdays are always the most happening night at the Grove. Pretty much every student able to go out on Thursday does, and they always go to the Grove. Be prepared to run into many familiar faces (both good and bad) every time you go out here.

Monty's Raw BarEdit

2550 S Bayshore Dr
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

A UM tradition, students usually flock to Monty's on Fridays for Happy Hour pitchers. A quaint, outdoor bar next to the water, it's a good place to warmup for the weekend. Features live reggae.


3064 Grand Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Home of the best hurricane in the Grove. Another popular venture on Thursday nights, Sandbar has huge 1-litre draught beers, but it's nothing special, and tends to be fairly grimy. Offers pool tables and a few arcades. Lots of live DJs or bands playing. Also, check out White Trash Tuesdays.


3035 Fuller St
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 448-1144

For what it's worth, the only dive bar (and not ashamed to flaunt it, either) in the Grove that actually stands out a fair bit. Only serves beer and wine. The food is great, despite being bar-food (try the fish). Offers texas holdem most nights, two beer pong tables, a pool table, a boxing machine, a dart board and a Galaga/Pacman arcade. One of the only bars in the Grove that lets you smoke inside. Tuesday nights the pool table is (usually) free. Note: bathrooms in bars are not known to be the cleanest places and this place is no exception.

Mr. Moe'sEdit

3131 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Arguably the most preferred spot for UM students, Moe's is usually where most people end up during a night at the Grove, as it not only closes later than the rest of the bars (5am), but also offers signature drinks designed to get your buzz going (ask for a Moose Juice or a Red-Headed Slut), and a more ecclectic taste in music. Note that Moe's is considerably more strict on IDs than most places in the grove, and there's usually a line to get in. It also has (highly coveted) gliders outside. They have this one bouncer who is one of the best around ID checkers. Avoid this bar if you have a fake fake ID, not a borrowed ID from a friend, chances are he'll catch you if you're not a young "fine" girl.

Firkin & Friar Restaurant / PubEdit

3148 Commodore Plz
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Located across the street from Moe's, Firkin Friar has a pub-themed decor, yet functions as a Coconut Grove hot spot. Two floors, multiple bars, several pool tables, drink specials, and a couple of quiet rooms should you want to get away for a bit. Like Moe's and the Rat, also has gliders outside.


3416 Main Hwy
Miami, FL 33133

Quite possibly the dirtiest, grimiest, tiniest bar in the Grove (and quite possibly all of Miami). However, it commands a strong following amongst some students, possibly because of it's reputation as being incredibly lax with IDs (however, back in my heyday, this was not the case, at least in my own experience). Don't be surprised to find a few local bartenders and regulars hanging out here.


2895 Mcfarlane Rd
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

For those who love going clubbing, but don't like getting shot, Flavour is as good as it gets in the Grove. By all means, not a bad establishment, it has standard club fare, such as overpriced drinks and DJs that alternate between house and hip-hop. Not the classiest people come here, but then again, it is the Grove. If you want class, or a better overall clubbing experience, save up your money and go to South Beach instead.


Downtown has a fair share of nightclubs, most of them open all night, as opposed to the rest of the city. However, since downtown is not the most pristine of areas, be very, very careful at night. Travel in groups, and since the clubs are mostly 24-hours, take advantage of that and leave after the sun's up.


34 NE 11th St
Miami, FL

Modeled after the world-famous Space in Ibiza, Miami's Space comes complete with terrace and sunroof. Every Saturday night, ecstasy-fueled revelers dance to deep, funky house beats courtesy of the world's most renowned DJs way into the morning.

South BeachEdit

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