Dining and Auxiliary Services (read: your food) are handled by Chartwells. The job they do in serving quality food is mostly a matter of opinion, but there is a general consensus amongst students that they could be doing a better job.

Dining HallsEdit

The food doesn't change much between the Stanford-Hecht and Mahoney-Pearson dining halls, although they do rotate their menus differently. Incoming freshmen and visiting students, in particular, won't mind the dining hall food. However, after eating there for a while, you will invariably grow sick of it, or in extreme cases, gag (or even get cramps) at the thought of it. But you can't let that 14-meal plan go to waste, now can you?

The sandwiches are, by far, the most digestible option at the dining hall. Other than that, the stir-fry is usually a safe option, as are the grilled cheese sandwiches. Breakfast is also surprisingly good - cheese omelettes and sausage patties were a personal favorite.

Avoid, at all costs, the pizza (will be soggy - how they managed to screw that one up is beyond me), the pasta (sauce is watery and bland, noodles are soggy), any grilled/rotisserie chicken (almost always undercooked - fried chicken is suprisingly good, however), and the salads (you can taste all the fun chemicals swirling in your mouth).

No matter what you eat, be sure and pick up a free copy of either The Hurricane, The Miami Herald, or The New York Times from the distribution bin - you're going to need it for your next venture to the bathroom.

Food CourtEdit

The food court offers much better fare, for a price - you can't use meals from your meal plan, only dining dollars.

Cheap/Fairly CheapEdit


Everything you'd expect from your friendly neighborhood Wendy's: burgers, fries, slurpees, and the sluggish, nasty feeling you get after scarfing down all that deep-fried goodness.

Panda ExpressEdit

Again, chain store. Your one-stop need for your orange chicken, chow mein and fried rice fix. Actually quite good, and a good deal for your buck; you'll more than likely get two meals out of one visit.


They had to put in pizza better than the dining hall's, and here it is. Not by much, but it's an improvement. It's also the only restaurant on campus (besides the Rat) to stay open past sunset.

Not CheapEdit

Jamba JuiceEdit

Everyone's favorite liquid meal substitute is on campus. Terrific stuff, but it ain't cheap. Still a good option if you need sustenance but must make that geology lecture on time.


Fairly new Mexican food chain, replaced Taco Bell a few years ago. While the food quality is leaps and bounds above Taco Bell, it's not worth the price you pay for it.

Southern TsunamiEdit

Sushi. Tasty, if you're into it, but one $7 meal is not filling at all. If you can swing two or three, though, it's always a good bet.

Other Places On CampusEdit

Storm Surge CafeEdit

Storm Surge Cafe boasts several pool tables (although you have to pay to use them, which doesn't make sense, as you can play at the Rat for free). They actually make a killer sandwich, for a very reasonable price, but it takes long to prepare and heat, so don't come here if you're late for class.


Hidden inside the Law School's courtyard is Jared's favorite haunt. A yummy meatball sub, along with a couple of cookies, can serve as a healthy reminder that there is better food than Chartwell's out there.

Those little vending stands dotted all over campusEdit

Sell assorted stuff, like muffins, sandwiches and soup. Not a meal, but it's something to hold you over as you're walking to class.

The C-StoreEdit

The C-Store, besides selling toiletries, NyQuil, and the lot, also sells microwaveable dinners (of both the frozen and unfrozen variety), some of which are quite tasty (search for their "Simply Asia" noodles), and you can always find your staple dorm snacks like Doritos, Ramen and Slim Jims.

However, the C-Store is such a rip-off, it's not even funny, sad or pathetic - it's downright insulting. If you can, don't be lazy, suck it up, and walk to CVS for your groceries instead.


The Rathskeller, affectionately called "The Rat" by the students, is your best bet for dining. Not only does it have, bar none, the best food on campus for your money (everyone seems to love the chicken fingers and kitchen posse pita, but I'm partial to the burgers and chop-chop myself), but they also serve beer (come during happy hour), have gliding seats by the lake, free pool tables, and regularly host events, such as bands, comedians, etc.

You really can't go wrong here.

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