Stanford-Hecht BathroomsEdit

As you might expect from communal bathrooms, they're disgusting in the freshman towers. Bathrooms on girls' floors are usually cleaner than bathrooms on boys' floors, but it would be unwise to take the proper precautions.

  • Never walk in barefoot. Peroid.
    • Don't even walk in with socks. Don your shower shoes.
  • Especially in the men's rooms, clean the sit before you sit on it.
  • Wash your hands very thoroughly.

There is one other cardinal rule:

  • Never leave your toiletries unattended.

Mahoney-Pearson BathroomsEdit

Since you share a bathroom with only three other people (unless you're lucky enough to have a single room), the cleanliness of the bathroom will be entirely up to you, your roommate and your suitemates. You should know yourself enough to know whether or not you'll do your part. If you don't, toilets and showers are bound to get filthy.

And as always, the shower shoe rule always applies.

Public BathroomsEdit

Regular bathroom etiquette applies. Wash your hands, keep your eyes on the wall in front of you, etc.

It has been my experience that the cleanest bathrooms on campus are on the third floor of the School of Communication building, while the dirtiest bathrooms on campus are in Memorial.

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