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a) N/A
b) N/A
c) \Delta x = \sqrt{\frac{1}{2\alpha}}, \Delta p = \sqrt{\frac{\alpha \hbar^2}{2}}


a) N/A
b) ^2S, ^1S, ^2P, ^3P, ^4S, ^3P, ^2P, ^1S
c)  B=0, B^+=0, C=-K, C^+=0, N=-3K, N^+=-K, O=-3K, O^+=-3K, F=-4K, F^+=-3K, Ne=-6K, Ne^+=-4K (I think)


a) N/A
b) E=\alpha, E=\alpha -\beta or E=\alpha +2\beta
c) c_1=c_2=\frac{1}{\sqrt{6}}, c_3=\frac{2}{\sqrt{6}}


a) 11409MHz
b) I=1.776*10-45Kgm-2, rcc=0.1368nm
c) \omega =2316.6cm^{-1}, \omega x_e=62.85cm^{-1}, D_e=21347cm^{-1}

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