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This Mini Wiki was not set up to share information about the University of Cambridge, both with existing students and with prospective students. It has the capacity to do this, if people contribute. It was set up as a way for students to put in numerical answers to tripos questions, so that we all have a way to check whether we have done a question right, or if we have simply made up our own solution which doesnt actually work. It was also not set up to act as a way for students to cheat, or copy complete answers.

The reason I did this through this website, and the reason that this page looks how it does, is that they were giving away free wiki pages, and I am lazy and used their template, respectively.

Please could anyone who feels inclined, replace the picture with one that is relevant (and that they have the rights to), or feel free to redesign this page. Please. So far I have only translated it, and removed all of the cheesey, poor jokes.

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