University at Albany, SUNY

More commonly referred to as "UA" or "UAlbany," The University at Albany, State University of New York was the original SUNY school and the oldest of the four major universities in the SUNY system. It has formerly been called Albany State, SUNY Albany, SUNY A. It is also referred to as Albany to students of other SUNY students, and simply SUNY to Albany locals.

Fight song

Purple and gold,
your colors shining through
Hear as the carillons
are ringing true
The State of New York
sends up its cheer to you
Let’s go Albany!
Hail, young and old
We shall prevail,
purple and gold
One true triumphant call
Albany Danes are standing tall
Purple and gold,
our flags are waving high,
sending our victory song
into the sky
All of the world will fear
our mighty cry
Let’s go Albany!


  • Colors: Purple and Gold
  • Mascot: Damien the Great Dane
  • Chant: "U-A, you know!"

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