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Choices are fairly limited, especially with the systematic removal of most vending on campus. Here is a list of at least somewhat edible:

Off campus Edit

The Coffeeline Edit

  • M-F 8am-3pm, S-S 9am-noon
  • Inside the YMCA at the corner of Seaview and University
  • Great breakfast and lunch fare including eggs, big sandwiches, lasagne, smoothies, soups, salads, etc.
  • Good strong coffee and lots of other beverages
  • Excellent ambiance, reading material, usually can get wi-fi from the neighborhood, great to study or meet up

Coffeetalk Edit

  • dunno the hours
  • on Wai'alae Ave. across from Goodwill and next to BC Burrito
  • good caffeine
  • colorful characters
  • I sat down and contemplated my life.

University and King Edit

  • Magoos - forget the food, but (mostly) cheap beer, huge variety, large pitchers, Newcastle Brown, $10/pitcher
  • Eastside Grill - overpriced mostly tasteless food, exception is prime rib on Tuesdays - pricey beer
  • Red Lion - mostly tasteless food but decent (somewhat smaller) pitchers, some variety - Guinness and Bass, $8.50/pitcher
  • Greek Corner Cafe - decent greek food. somewhat overpriced.
  • Curry House - clean environment, good curry. somewhat too corporate.
  • India House - excellent South Indian cuisine! a bit overpriced, but definitely worth the price and experience
  • Spices -Fresh ingredients, beautiful presentation, and a relaxed atmosphere. A bit overpriced, but definitely a place that needs to be visited at least once while your at UH
  • Kokua Market -fresh and organic ingredients. Great price and friendly people.

Campus Center Edit

First floor Edit

  • Taco Hell
    • "Normal" Taco Bell
  • Hot dog vendor outside, very crabby person, not bad dog
  • Pizza Hut express

Second floor Edit

  • Cafeteria with Yummy's, sushi to go, grill, plate lunches, something similar to Panda Express
  • Jamba Juice (smoothies) - almost same as all other Jamba Juice's
    • Does not accept Jamba Cards, does accept credit/debit and meal plan.
  • Starbucks (some sandwiches and muffins) -- not really Starbucks but serves their coffee, doesn't take Starbux cards
  • Subway - normal Subway, does not accept meal plans.

Hemenway Student Union Edit

  • Baile (formerly Manoa Gardens, and still widely known by that name)
    • Decent sandwiches, Pho, some fried snacks, beers & mixed drinks, food and beverages until around 8pm
    • What's up with no chips all tha time?

Shidler College of Business Edit

  • Coffee and sandwich kiosk, not open much past 6pm

Kuykendall "Cube" (between KUY, GEO, and SAK)

  • Hare Krishna food
  • Ono Pono (organic foods bagels burritos etc.) -- recently closed, what is there now?

Biomedical Building

  • Local Food: Cheap, give plenny,and taste good. Get all kine foods: pork adobo, beef teriyaki, beef steak, chow fun, beef stew...

POST building (the one with the turquoise windows)

  • Golden River Catering/ Lunch Truck
  • Local Food: Cheap and taste good. Get one bento box for $5: spam, teri beef, fried chicken, one scoop rice, and a drink (all for $5).

Dorms Edit

  • Aloha cafeteria
  • Cafe is littered with tasteless and unhealthy food. Attempts to make healthy food are rushed. You leave here with a sense that this buffet will only result in a horrific case of diarrhea or early stages of hypertension and diabetes
  • Convenience store (hours?) -- usually open till midnight.

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