Event 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008
Fall Quarter Instruction & Clinic begin Sept. 26 Mon. Sept. 25 Mon. Sept. 24 Mon.
1st year Midterm Exams
2nd year Midterm Exams
Veterans Day Holiday Nov. 11th Fri. Nov. 10th Fri. Nov. 12th Mon.
Thanksgiving Holiday Nov. 24-25 Thurs/ Fri. Nov. 23-24 Thurs/ Fri. Nov. 22-23 Thurs/ Fri
Instruction & Clinic End Dec. 9 Fri. Dec. 8 Fri. Dec. 7 Fri.
Final Exams Dec 12-16 Mon-Fri. Dec 11-15 Mon-Fri. Dec 10-14 Mon-Fri.
Christmas Holiday Dec. 26-27 Mon-Tues. Dec. 25-26 Mon-Tues. Dec. 24-25 Mon-Tues.
New Year's Holiday Dec. 30- Jan.2 Fri-Mon. Dec. 29-Jan.1 Fri-Mon. Dec. 31- Jan.1 Mon.-Tues
Winter Quarter Clinic Begins Jan. 4 Wed. Jan. 3 Wed. Jan. 2 Wed.
Winter Quarter Instruction Begins Jan. 9 Mon. Jan. 8 Mon. Jan. 7 Mon.
Martin Luther King Holiday Jan. 16 Mon. Jan. 15 Mon. Jan. 21 Mon.
1st year Midterm Exams
2nd year Midterm Exams
Presidents' Day Holiday Feb. 20 Mon. Feb. 19 Mon. Feb. 18 Mon.
Instruction & Clinic End Mar. 17 Fri. Mar. 16 Fri. Mar. 14 Fri.
Final Exams Mar. 20-24 Mon.- Fri. Mar. 19-23 Mon.- Fri. Mar. 17-21 Mon.- Fri.
Cesar Chavez Holiday Mar. 31 Fri. Mar. 30 Fri. Mar. 28 Fri.
Spring Quarter Instruction & Clinic begin Apr. 3 Mon. Apr. 2 Mon. Mar. 31 Mon.
1st year Midterm Exams
2nd year Midterm Exams
Memorial Day Holiday May 29 Mon. May 28 Mon. May 26 Mon.
Instruction & Clinic End Jun. 9 Fri. Jun. 8 Fri. Jun. 6 Fri.
Final Exams Jun. 12-16 Mon-Fri. Jun. 11-15 Mon-Fri. Jun. 9-13 Mon-Fri.
State Board
Summer Quarter Instruction & Clinic begin TBA TBA TBA
Independence Day Holiday July 4 Tues. July 4 Wed. July 4 Fri.
Instruction & Clinic End Sept. 1 Fri. Aug. 31 Fri. Aug. 29 Fri.
Labor Day Holiday Sept. 5 Mon. Sept.3 Mon. Sept.1 Mon.

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