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Announcements Edit

  • Lab Cleanup: Amy's group: 169 - 181

Winter Quarter Schedule Edit

  • Exam Schedule
    • Midterms Schedule Feb. 7 (Tuesday)-Feb. 10
      1. Pharmacology
      2. Perio
      3. Fixed practical
      4. Oral Pathology
      5. Radiographic Interpretation
      6. Oral Medicine
      7. Endo practical
      8. Clinical Occlusion
    • Finals Schedule March 20-March 24
      1. Oral Immunology
      2. Perio
      3. Radiographic Interpretation
      4. Pharmacology
      5. Fixed written
      6. Oral Pathology
      7. Orthodontics
      8. Dentures practical
      9. Dentures written
      10. Oral Medicine
      11. Endo practical
      12. Clinical Occlusion

If you have concerns about this schedule, please bring it up early.

  • Room Changes
  • Holidays

Dates Edit

Future dates to think about: Edit


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