Abortion: Right or wrong?

When a woman loves a man, she can decide to have a child from him and this is a wonderful thing. When a woman expects for a baby but she does not want it, there is a big problem and the situation is not easy. That woman could have an abortion. This is an interesting matter and there is a great debate about it every day.

I think abortion is a way to solve a big problem when a woman does not want to have children for many different reasons. For example, a young girl has sex with her boyfriend using contraceptives to avoid a pregnancy, but, one day someone in the street rapes her and she gets pregnant. In situations like this, does a young girl (who maybe still goes to school and lives with her parents)have the adulthood to be mother? I don’t think so. To be mother, first of all, a girl must be an adult. She needs to know what she wants for her life and her future. A baby is not a toy and he has to be raised by parents who are aware of their responsibilities.

Many people think the abortion is a murder because the foetus is considered already person. They think a foetus is something alive. Today, to avoid a pregnancy there are several contraceptives (the most common are condoms and the birth -control pill).If a person is intelligent,he/she can think before having sex and use these contraceptives. Ok, it is true. But it is not always so easy. There is a percentage of cases in which the contraceptives do not work, and often many girls and women expect a baby from someone who raped them. In these cases, what kind of life will a baby have without a real family and with a really young mother?

Another matter concerns the foetus: People think the foetus can feel pain but we know that many researchers in the area of fetal development believe that a fetus is unlikely to feel pain until after the seventh month of pregnancy. There are many religious and ethic debates about this matter and people carry on their ideas.

The most important thing is the freedom of people! If a woman is not ready to have children or does not want a baby from someone who raped her, she should have the possibility to decide what she wants to do with her life. If abortion is considered a murder, also a birth could be considered like this when a child would live a life without a dad or in a hard economic or social situation. In addition, also the life of women having a baby they don’t want will be completely changed. A son when you are too young would upset all your life and you cannot have those experiences that everyone deserves to have in their life. You can’t travel around the world, you can’t study abroad.. all in your life must be different! People should think about all these things that can seem banal, but they are absolutely important.

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