Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned in All Countries.

Every day, we try to follow all the suggestions that doctors give us to be in health and spend our lives well. “Do not eat too many sweets or fats”, “Do not stress yourself”, “Do not exaggerate with alcholic drinks”, “Do not smoke”. These are some of the sentences that more and more often we hear from them. But following these simple instructions is not enough to avoid health problems, because sometimes causes do not depend on us. For example, in a lot of countries smoking in public places is not banned yet. It would be almost useless to follow all the medical rules if, entering a bar or restaurant, we had to suffer second-hand smoke. Fortunately, More and more countries in Europe have been adopting anti-smoking legislation but there are some countries where legislation is confusing or too much permissive. According to the European Public Health Alliance data, in Portugal smoking ban did not include bars and restaurants till 2008. Portuguese government banned smoking only in healthcare, education and government facilities, offices, work places, theatres, and cinemas. The same situation is present in Denmark, where smooking is only banned in schools and government buildings that are open to the public. Instead, In Spain the government allows owners of bars and restaurants smaller than 100 smq to choose on their-own the possibility of going smoke-free. This is a ridiculous law that shows immediately its consequences: almost all the owners will choose to allow smoking in their bars or restaurants not loosing their smoker customers. In other countries like Italy and Norway, for example, the government allow the creation of ventilated and separated areas or rooms for smoking. This could be a good idea to solve the problem, but we have to be careful about this because sometimes smoking areas are not well separated from the rest of the building. So, there are not so many differences if you sit in the smoking area or not. Besides, according to the British Medical Association, every year a thousand people die because of second-hand smoke and many statistics by the American Association for Cancer Research in Washington shows that suffering second-hand smoke during pregnancy can cause genetic damage, respiratory problems, leukemia and other cancers. All governments should understand how dangerous second-hand smoke is for people and do something to avoid it, because citizens’ health should be the most important thing.

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