The Integrated Foundation year is taught at the University of Ulster, on the Jordanstown campus. The IFY is generally a small class, in its first year of existance in 2007 the class only consisted of around 30 students. The campus is located a few miles north of Belfast on the shore of Belfast Lough. The location of the campus is a big attraction for students as they can easily travel to and from Jordanstown using the excellent rail, bus and taxi links, such as with the Uni link bus it collects students from certian areas ruffly every twenty minuites and drops them off at Jordanstown entrance, the train is similar also, but only there is a slight walk from the train station to the University.

The StaffEdit

Course Director: Dr Nicola Ayre


          Dr Nicola Ayre - COM052J4 Professional Skills in Computing - 
          Dr David Glass - COM053J4 Mathematical Skills for Computing - 
          Mr Pat Sweeney - COM051J1 Principles of Computing: Software Technologies - 
          Dr Stephen Hagan - COM050J1 Principles of Computing: Hardware Technologies - 
          Dr Dewar Finlay - COM054J2 Principles of Computing: Information Networks - 
          Mr JP O'Kane - COM055J2 Computers in Business and Society -

IT Rooms AvailableEdit

The Jordanstown campus offers lots of resources to help students with work towards their degree. The integrated foundation year has a dedicated room which can only be used by the students on this course. This room contains 7 computers, one of which is a printing station so that students can access and print their work. The room is password protected by a lock on the door which means that only the IFY students have access. This also shows the commitment the university has made to the IFY, and each tutor is fully invested in helping each student to achieve thier potential.


The IFY Room

The Learning Resource Centre or LRC recenetly opened costing almost £7 million. It offers electronic information services, photocopying and high quality desktop computing and printing facilities. There are 1200 study spaces arranged for group work or for solitary work, depending on the students preference. Library staff are supported by colleagues from IT User Services and Reprographics to help with problems which may arise.

Students will also have access to various computer labs around the campus in order to work on coursework or preparation for exams. The Jordanstown campus also has its very own library so that students can borrow, buy and order books from to help with their studies.

Uni Software ApplicationsEdit

There is a vast number of software applications for the whole university, the IFY relies on these for students to submit cousework and do coursework. The PDsystem is one of these systems as well as WebCT were online tests and quizzes are administered. The University also has its own e-mail software in which each member and staff and each student are assigned with their own individual e-mail address, which is automatically set up by the university in induction. This e-mail application is used often to submit coursework and is also used for students to get in contact with members of staff to explain absences, late submissions etc. Students also recieve e-mails inviting them to various seminars and activities which take part within the university.


The IFY room is situated in block 16 which has its very own technicians. The technicians help maintain the network and all of the labs in block 16. Any problems which may arise are usually dealt with by the dedicated technician staff. They also help with some of the basic teaching to try and explain to students on a simple level just how computers and computer networks function.

The Technicians names are: Sean and Brendan

Further InformationEdit

More information about the IFY Computer Science course and other resources that are available at the Jordanstown campus can be found here on there web site: University of Ulster website.

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