Overview of the CourseEdit

The Integrated Foundation Year (or more formally known as the BSc Hons Computing Science (with Integrated Foundation Year)) is a full-time university level course that is taken at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown campus, Northern Ireland.

The University of Ulster, Jordanstown

The course's objective is to familarise students with the basics of Computer Science before they progress towards an honours degree. The prospective students undertake six modules within the course, and are assessed on a series of coursework assignments and examinations that happen at the end of the winter and spring semester.

Entry RequirementsEdit

This course requires the following to be eligable for consideration:

  • A Level: A minimum of 160 UCAS points to include a C Grade (any subjects considered) plus a Grade C in GCSE Mathematics and English.
  • Irish Leaving Certificate: A minimum of 160 UCAS points to include CCCC Grades (any subject considered).
  • BTEC National Diploma: Completed of the national diploma with a Merit and two Passes (any subject considered).

Applications from students with qualifications not included in this list will be considered on merit.

Subject AreasEdit

These modules are known as the following:

  • Principles of Computing: Hardware Technologies
This module teaches the usage of technologies such as mobile phones, sound, picture and video editing and how they are used and incorporated into everyday life.
  • Principles of Computing: Software Technologies
This module teaches the usage of software such as office programs (i.e. Word, Excel) and how websites are parsed from HTML code into viewable websites in your typical web browser, as well as how to manipulate the code to create your own websites.
  • Professional Skills in Computing
This module teaches skills required for the aspect of computing in a practical environment such as time management, solo/group presentations and communication skills.
  • Mathematical Skills for Computing
This module teaches students the thought process behind critical and logical thinking as well as teaching standard mathematical algorithms that are common in computing science.
  • Principles of Computing: Information Networks
This module teaches the networking aspect behind computers, both technical and social, lectures including topics on such technologies such as computer networks, mobile phone networks and social networking websites.
  • Computing in Business and Society
This module teaches the usage of computers in the modern world's businesses and socities today, demonstrating how computers play a role in real life scenarios.

Students which successfully pass this course are then allowed to progress onto the BSc Hons Computing Science course. Alternatively, they may choose to leave the course with a Diploma and pursue a career path in the field of computing with their obtained skills.



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