The Computing Science IFY course is based solely in the Jordanstown campus of the University of Ulster. The campus itself is a mixture of modern and seventies style buildings focusing around the main “mall” area. There are many great facilities students can avail of while studying at University of Ulster Jordanstown, the newly built sports facility being one example.

Location Edit

The campus is set on the Shore Road, just six miles from Belfast city centre. Students find it easy to commute from university living areas using Translinks’ Uni-Link service that departs from the top of Botanic Avenue on a regular basis and runs through to nine o’clock at night. From the campus you can see marvellous views of the Belfast Hills, the Mourne Mountains and County Down. It makes studying at Jordanstown a pleasure as such views prove a welcome break from Belfast city centre.

Resources Edit

Within the Jordonstown Campus there are many resources, which are suitable and relevant to students. These include LRC (Learning Resource Centre), Labs and block 16C27/28, which were created for IFY(Integrated Foundation Year 2008) students only. 6.7 million LRC recently opened offering hi-tech learning and studying facilities.



Accommodation Edit

With Jordonstown having a big population of students, car parking and accommodation is provided. The university offers 700 students accommodation in residential blocks as well as 5 bedroom houses, flats and study bedrooms in halls with all self-catering facilities.

Sports Facilities Edit

The University of Ulster is well known for its sporting interest and its high quality facilities.

Jordonstown campus has a large sporting organisation with the UU Sports Academy being very successful.

The University Of Ulster Sports Academy brings together all stakeholders in sport at UU under a single management structure. This includes all aspects of our provision from services to facilities, sports development and outreach, teaching and research areas of sport and related studies.

A High Performance Centre has been newly opened in the campus. This was introduced to allow athletes to get a better degree of fitness in these superb facilities. There are many advantages of the centre and these include; a range of qualified instructors will be available to guide and encourage you along with also new packages to suit your needs, which include individual deals or a specific student deal.

The sports centre and its amazing facilities have widened the interest in the Jordonstown campus to attract new students in the future.


Catering Edit

There are various options when it comes to lunch time or even just time for a snack. From brand name sandwich shops such as The Streat and O’Brien’s to café style locations such as Deanos, the Jordanstown campus will have something to offer every student. All these outlets are located in the mall and are all grouped closely together. The main on-campus canteen is called “Antrim Diner” and supplies a wide range of hot food at a reasonable price. Closely situated “Bentra”, also a university canteen supplies sandwiches and snacks. There are also vending machines situated throughout the mall.



Convenience Edit

The Jordanstown campus has two banks and stationary shops within the mall.

For any other information on the campus or location please click here

References Edit

The photographs were taken by ourselves. The external link is to the University of Ulster, Jordanstown website. Some information was gathered from the University of Ulster website.

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