Other Courses Edit

Upon successful completion of the IFY course, there are two options available to students. One of these, is to leave higher education with a diploma in Computing Science and pursue other possibilities. Alternatively, the student may wish to continue with their university education and proceed onto another course within the University of Ulster.

After completing the Integrated Foundation Year, the student will automatically be entitled to a place on the BSc Hons Computing Science degree course, which will build on the work which has been covered in IFY. [1]

Apart from the honours degree in Computing Science, there are other courses linked to computing which the student may consider applying for. These courses include Computing and Information Systems[2],Computer Science[3] or Computer Games Development[4].

These courses, however, are not limited to just one particular campus of the University of Ulster. There are Computer related courses available at each UUJ campus, Jordanstown, Magee or Coleraine.

Careers Edit

Through participation in the Computing Science Integrated Foundation Year, the student will learn many skills which would be particularly useful in the field of Computing and IT. It is, however, is more beneficial to continue onto the Computer Science honours course or perhaps another degree course, in order to provide yourself with a much broader choice of career options.

Current Students and Their Views Edit


Iain McDowell

Iain is a student who is currently a member of the Computing Science Integrated Foundation Year at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

“I plan to finish studying at the University of Ulster at the end of the current academic year. Next year I will be moving into full-time work in order to accumulate enough money to attend SAE Institute in London to study Audio Engineering in 2009/2010.”

“The Computing Science Integrated Foundation Year at Jordanstown has proved to be a very valuable experience for myself. This course has equipped me with many important life skills and a greater understanding of computer systems, both of which will prove to be important assets in my future studies in the Audio Engineering field, and it has also given me the opportunity to experience the university lifestyle!”


David Chatterton

David is also currently studying the Computing Science Integrated Foundation Year at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

“Next year I hope to progress on to the Computing Science honours degree. I am thoroughly interested in pursuing a career in computing science, and I am truly enjoying university and the lifestyle that comes with it.”

“This course has given me the opportunity to experience university education and has helped make some very crucial life choices. For me, the IFY has been a perfect introduction to higher education.”

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