A Secret Organistation that consists of many Jolly fat men, who act as the worlds Santas, stopping only to advertise and drink coke. They allow needy parents to apply online for a 'Gift Grant' once children have been exposed to the hurtful truth.

Before exposure, the League encourages parents to assist their child in writing personalised wish lists. These can then be posted to LoSa HQ or to their local LoSa representative. A corresponding present will then be DHL'd to the parents before the evening of 24th December.

The Hurtful 'Truth'Edit

Once a child has been told Santa is not real, obviously not true, they no longer believe. This phenomena is known as the hurtful truth.

Uniform of the League of Santa

Red coat, red trousers, white belt, black boots, white beard with accompanying red hat.

LoSa FundingEdit

Revenue is mainly from advertising, this funds the Elvin workforce, which unfortunately after new Lapland employment laws are snowed under with administrative work.

Disclaimer... Made for the purpose of accompanying a Christmas Debate of the motion this house believes in Santa
at Netherthorpe School

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