The Giver was written by Lois Lowry and published in 1993.


The Giver

Jonas's world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Everyone is assigned a role in the Community. When Joans turns twelve, he is singled out to receive special training from the Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now, it's time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back.

Plot Summary Edit

To anyone from outside Jonas's community, life seems to be perfect there. There is no pain, no hatred, nothing unpleasent. People go about their daily lives happily doing this and that, content in living in a world where everything and everyone is the same. But, once Jonas turns twelve and is assigned his new job in the community as Receiver of Memory, he soon learns the truth about his community. It is not about what good things there are in the community. The more important thing is what is missing. Jonas's feelings on his so-called perfect world will soon be changed forever...

Main Characters Edit

  • Jonas - A 12-year-old chosen to be the new Receiver for the Community.
  • The Giver - The current Receiver, who gives memeories to Jonas.
  • Asher - Jonas's best friend. Is chosen to be the Assistant Director of Recreation
  • Jonas's Mom - An intelligent woman who is a lawyer in the Community.
  • Jonas's Dad - A careing man who works as a Nurturer for children in their first year of life.
  • Lily - Jonas's little sister. She loves to talk and is always asking questions about things.
  • Gabriel (Gabe) - A baby who comes home with Jonas's dad for a time. He and Jonas both have pale eyes.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"No one mentioned such things; it was not a rule, but was considered rude to call attention to things that were unsettling or different about individuals." Chapter 3, pg. 20

"You will be faced, now, with pain of a magnitude that none of us here can comprehend because it is beyond our experience. The Receiver himself was not able to describe it, only to remind us that you would be faced with it, that you would need immense courage." Chapter 8, pg. 63

"Jonas began to remember the wonderful sail that The Giver had given him not long before: a bright, breezy day on a clear turquoise lake, and above him the white sail of the boat billowing as he moved along in the brisk wind." Chapter 14, pg. 116

"Things could change, Gabe. Things could be different. I don't know how, but there must be some way for things to be different. There could be colors. And grandparents. And everybody would have memories. You know about memories." Chapter 16, pg. 128

Teacher Evaluation Edit

This is one of my all-time favorite books. I love how this book seems to paint the picture of a perfect world in the beginning, but the layers of paint seem to crack and fade after a while and the truth leaks out. Jonas faces the shocking truth about what happens when people give up what makes them different and when everyone lives exactly the same as everyone else. This book celebrates individuality and shows how good differences can be and what happens when people give up their differences. Parts of this book may be a little scary and sad, but I would encourage anybody to read it. This is such a great book!

Additional Information Edit

Two more books were written by Lois Lowry that follow after this book. While the second book, Gathering Blue is not a direct sequel to The Giver, the third book, Messenger connects them both. I encourage you to go out and read those books. They are great too!

Also, there have been talks to make a movie out of The Giver, but it is not confirmed yet. The latest information says that the movie will come out in 2011, but again, this is not for certain. I think it would make a cool movie!

For more information on Lois Lowry and her other books, visit Lois Lowry's Website

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