Tallahassee Community College

Welcome to the Tallahassee Community College Student Wiki

Learning Centers

Need extra help with your math, reading, writing or English skills..Click the link for more info.

TCC Police

Need help from the TCC police?? Well, we have a great police department here at TCC and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. Car troubles, need to use a phone, or maybe you are just scared to walk to your car alone at night. Whatever it may be they will do their best to help you.


TCC offers an awesome sports program. So if you're one that loves to play sports and are interested in finding out more information, just follow the link provided.

Campus Directions

New to campus? Can't find your way around? No worries..Let this helpful link help you!

Test Taking Edit

Test taking skills are an essential element to college success, mostly because the majority of your final grade will have come from unit tests. Not everyone is born with a natural nack for test taking you have to work on it. You must develope necessary test-taking skills in order to be successful in college. There are several different kinds of tests you will encounter in college. Most of which will be essay, multiple choice or fill in the blank. It is important to know how tests are created in order to know how and what to study. You should also famailiarize yourself with certain test words likely to be on exams. Another key to successful test taking is managing your test anxiety. The first thing to do is check and see if you actually have test anxiety. Most people have or have had atleast one incident where they encountered sweaty palms or just plain nervousness before an exam, which is pretty normal, as long as it isn't happening all the time. Some strategies for dealing with test anxiety range from getting plenty of rest and study time in before you sit the test to certain breathing techniques to help lower your level of stress.

Tips for Successful Classroom Time Edit

Many students lack some of the fundamental classroom skills. In preparing for class and study strategies remember to always bring your book! Also always make sure to have a syllabus handy, whether that be on your computer or an actual hard copy of the class syllabus. Don't be afraid to make marks in your textbook while you are studying. Sometimes just making simple marks in the margins makes a huge difference in how much you remember from the reading. There are several different study systems one can use to look deeper into the information at hand. Another important element in good classroom skills is to create a productive study environment. Such as study location, study conditions and organization.

Time Management Edit

Time management is the foundation to a successful college experience. Most students are trying to balance quite a busy schedule including part-time or full-time jobs while taking enough classes to qualify them as full-time students. To get started on managing your time you should first look at your personal schedule and how you manage your time on a day-to-day basis. Some students waste valuable time by procrastinating school work. Others just simply need to get organized. Having a healthy body and mind is also very important in managing the time in your life. You must take care of yourself and listen to your body. Most young adults do not get near enough rest that their body requires causing them to lack behind in certain areas of their life.

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