Tallahassee Community College is an open admission, comprehensive community college. Its mission is to provide excellence in teaching and learning through educational programs that promote intellectual, social, and personal development of students; to assist them in developing the ability to think critically, creatively, and reflectively; and to prepare them for productive and satisfying lives.

Below are few links listed you may find useful.

Rate My Professors [[1]] Rate My Professors is an extremely useful link when deciding which specific professors to choose for your college classes. It allows you to review comments, book usage, hardness of the overall class, and even their 'hotness' factor from previous students. It is very helpful if you have unique learning styles, and can keep you away from unwanted teachers to make your college experience run much smoother.

HumanMetrics [[2]] This is a test that can come in handy when pinpointing your distinct personality traits. It allows you to see if you make decisions based on:

  • Extrovert - Introvert
  • Sensing - Intuition
  • Thinking - Feeling
  • Judging - Perceiving

It gives you career options based on your results that would be compatible with your individual personality.

MSLQ Survey [[3]] The MSLQ Survey is a series of questions that allows you to view your personal learning styles, whether they be:

  • Auditory (hear it)
  • Visual (see it)
  • Kinesthetic (do it)

Knowing your learning style can help you study much more efficiently, and who doesn't want to do that?

Your Credit Report [[4]] Knowing your credit report could save you from tremendous future financial downfall! Considering that it is free, it is strongly urged that you check to make sure your credit scores are acurate, and that you have some form of credit to begin with.

TCC homepage: [[5]]


  • Areas of Study Link:[6]
  • Associate in Arts
  • Associate in Science
  • Certificate Programs
    • Business in Managment
    • Computer and Information Technology
    • Criminal Justice and Public Safety
    • Education
    • Engineering Technology
    • Health Care
    • Manufacturing
  • Continuing and Workforce Education
    • Health Care
    • Information Technology
    • Non-Profit Management
  • Adult Education
  • High/Home School Duel Enrollment Programs


Your Passport is a useful source for everything you will need to get access to over the internet. All this is can be done with one sign in.

Your Passport allows you to:

  • Passport Link: [7]
  • Register for classes or workshops, view your schedule, access BlackBoard.
  • View/Update your academic plan/advising information, view your transcript, degree audit, graduation status.
  • Access your student email account, including mail inbox, calendar, contacts.
  • View/Pay for your classes, check your financial aid status.
  • View your end of term grades, transcript, change your major.
  • See what TCC resources are available to help you in your academic life at TCC.
  • And much more!


Whatever subject it may be, TCC offers you help at your conveinence.

  • Learning Center Link: [8]


Open to all students, the Writing Center provides assistance with many different aspects of writing. Whether it may be questions about the clast,help with your resume,or maybe you're just writing a paper and need some guidance,the Writing Center is there to help.

  • Located in the Academic Computing Center Rm. 133
  • Hours of Operation
    • Mon.-Thurs. 8AM-7PM
    • Fri.8AM-8PM


The Reading Center offers help to any student who is in need of assistance. It is designed to help you develop the reading skills you need that are essential for personal success and academic achievement.

  • Located in the Dental Hygene Building Rm. DH 141
  • Hours of Operation
    • Mon.-Thurs. 8AM-8PM
    • Fri. 8AM-3PM


The English Skills Center allows students to practice,focus,study,and achieve the writing and grammar skills you need to succeed.

  • Open daily/ Schedule varies by semester
  • Stop in or make an appointment. 201-8251
  • Accomidates up to 35 students at a time


The Math Center provides a helpful comfortable place for students to study and develop their math skills. It offers help in many areas involving mathmatics, aswell as provides special assistance in areas such as: chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy, physiology, and accounting.

  • Open daily/ Schedule varies by semester
  • Stop in or make an appointment. 201-8251


The Campus Life Department is TCC's place to get you involved on campus and with other students. There are many opportunities offered here to make your time at TCC more enjoyable. The more you are on campus the more comfortable you will become with the campus and all it has to offer.

  • Campus Life Link:[9]
  • Located in the Student Union, Rm. 154
  • Intramural Sports
    • Basketball
    • Indoor/Outdoor Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Flagfootball
    • Softball
    • Tabletennis
    • Pumpkin Bowling
    • Spades and more..
  • Student Government
  • Campus Entertainment
  • Lifetime Sports Complex Gym
    • Full Service Fitness Facility
    • Pilates
    • Cycling
    • Aerobics
    • Kickboxing
    • Yoga and more..
  • Student Leadership Institute
  • Eagle Adventures
    • Outdoor Recreation
  • TCC Theatre
  • Student Judicial Affairs
  • Student Volunteerism
  • Student Campus Organizations

Financial Aid Edit

To afford college, many students need financial assistance. TCC offers assistance in finding ways to fund your education. Students that prove financial need (FAFSA) may be eligable for grants and federal loans, others may need private loans. TCC's Financial Aid Department is available to guide the way to affording college!

Located on the second floor of the Student Union on TCC's Main Campus.

TCC Loan Lenders
First Horizon (
EdAmerica (
Suntrust (
Bank of America (
Wachovia (
Chase (
Key Bank (
SallieMae (
CitiBank (

Need Books? Edit

Here are a few alternative resources for purchasing books for your classes at TCC!

Bills Bookstore (

  • Bills Bookstore has all textbooks needed for Tallahassee Community College, sometimes at lower prices than the TCC Bookstore, they also offer school supplies and spirit gear. (

  • is run by Ebay, offering the chance for you to buy or sell college textbooks, many books can be won for a bid of $10 or less!

Housing Edit

Coming from out of town? Need somewhere to live during your time at TCC? Visit these websites for help finding the perfect place for you!

Booth Living (
Apartment Seekers ( ( (

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