Project Submission

To submit your projects to us, send your project to Your e-mail subject must have this format: [Student Number]-[Student Name]-[Project Title].

Example of a subject:

41-Leo McCarey-An Analysis of Going My Way.

If you send us your project by e-mail you won't have to worry about anything else. But if you actually want to post your project yourself, there is a great source of information on how to edit wikis here. Once you are done with the basics go here and follow instructions.


Fall 2008

Create a Project

If you want to submit your paper yourself:

  • Create a new page. To do that add your project title in the text box below and click create page. Here is an example of what you could enter:THRS291/An_analysis_of_Going_My_Way.
  • Once you are done editing, go ahead and paste [[Category:THRS291| ]] at the end of your page, and save your page.
  • Then comeback to this page and click on "Edit" on Fall 2008, then add a link to your project. An example of code would be [[THRS291/An analysis_of_Going_My_Way| Leo McCarey - An analysis of Going My Way]]

Create a Page

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