There are generally three ways to start a new mini wiki for your school or university. The instructions below use "university", but all apply to other educational establishments as well.

Start a new mini wiki Edit

In the following hints, Name_of_University has to be substituted with the actual term used for your school or university.

Three options Edit

1. Create a mini wiki on your own

  • This very free option is only recommended for experienced users.
Do this under the Students Wikia's naming scheme (see below).

2. Copy the basic example page

  • This is an easy option for skilled users.
Have a look at Example University and manually copy, what you think is useful.
University-Wiki template example

Output of the mini wiki template after first saving

3. Use the mini wiki template

  • This option is recommended for wiki beginners.
Create a page (use the box on the Main Page) named Name of University and then just type in {{subst:University-Wiki|Name of University}} - preview and click "save page".
Name of University must be exact and written the same way in both cases. Please do not use all upper case.
This will add a neat portal-looking table with some general structure on to your page. See the template for a general impression of how this will look. You can then adapt your new mini wiki according to your needs; change photos, colours, the structure and so on.

Naming Scheme for mini wikis Edit

  • The "main page" or "portal" of a mini wiki has to be named clearly and simply (Name_of_University).
  • Create a page Category:Name_of_University - see Category:Example University.
  • Add [[Category:Name of University]] to the bottom of all (sub) pages of your mini wiki.

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