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Development Status

00percent Almost no text at all
25percent Starting stage
50percent Growing text
75percent Well developed
100percent Nearly complete

edit Schools
edit Colleges

edit Universities

University of Sydney Main Quadrangle


00percent Catholic University Leuven
00percent University of Antwerp


25percent USP (São Paulo, SP)
25percent UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)


00percent University of Alberta (University Wikia)


00percent Université de Caen (Caen on Wikia)
00percent University François Rabelais (Tours)
00percent Université Paris Diderot (Paris)


00percent University of Applied Sciences Hanover (Hannover)
50percent Augsburg (Universität, FH und Wohnheime)


00percent PPKE (Budapest)


00percent IIT Kharagpur




00percent Politecnico di Milano (Milano)
25percent Università degli Studi di Trento (Trento)
25percent Università degli Studi di Genova (Genova)


00percent University of Amsterdam


00percent The Norwegian University of Life Sciences
00percent The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Российская Федерация

25percent МИИГАиК (Московский государственный университет Геодезии и Картографии)


00percent Gdansk University

United Kingdom

University College Oxford

00percent Kingston University
00percent University of Manchester
00percent University of Warwick
00percent University of Cambridge

United States

Flagler College Florida

75percent UC Berkeley
00percent Boston College
00percent Carnegie Mellon University
00percent Case Western Reserve University
25percent City University of New York
00percent College of William and Mary
00percent Columbia University
25percent Drexel
25percent Duke
00percent George Washington University
00percent Harvard
00percent Marquette University
00percent Michigan State University
00percent MIT
00percent Northwestern University
25percent NYU
00percent Ohio State
00percent Penn State

Princeton University Nassau Hall

25percent Princeton University
00percent Rochester Institute of Technology
50percent Rollins College
00percent Saddleback College
00percent Stanford
25percent State University of New York
75percent State University of New York at New Paltz
00percent Texas A&M
00percent UC Davis
00percent UC Irvine
25percent UCLA
00percent UC Merced
00percent UC Riverside
00percent UCSD
00percent UCSB
00percent UC Santa Cruz
00percent University at Albany, The State University of New York
00percent University of Florida
00percent University of Georgia
00percent University of Illinois
25percent University of Maryland at College Park (University Wikia)
00percent University of Miami
25percent University of Michigan
00percent University of North Carolina
00percent University of Pennsylvania
00percent University of San Diego
25percent University of South Florida
00percent University of Texas
25percent University of Virginia
00percent University of Wisconsin
00percent Wesleyan University
00percent Wichita State University

00percent Yale

Students might be interested in the Wikiversity Project.

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