St. Stephen's competes in the Texas Christian Athletic League, and the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, in football, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Every student is eligible to participate in the school’s athletics programs, and all students are encouraged to participate in at least one sport during his or her high school career.



2 Wins 8 Losses

For all the scores and statistical information regarding the football season, click here.

All State Honors:

-Thomas Bailey

-Andrew Pohle

-Aaron Reissig



0 Wins 16 Losses

Season Over finishing last



-Pablo: 2

-Jeff Frazier: 1

-Andrew Pohle: 1

-Altamir Olivo: 1

-Colin Palmer: 1

-Aaron Reissig: 1


-Pablo: 4

-Andrew Pohle: 2


-Thomas Bailey: 54


11/28/2006 - St. Stephen's High School vs. Emery High School: 0 - 9 L

12/05/2006 - St. Stephen's High School vs. Galveston O'Connell: 6 - 0 W

12/07/2006 - St. Stephen's High School vs. Baytown Christian Academy: 1 - 6 L

1 Wins 2 Losses 0 Ties

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