This mini-wiki aims to gather and disseminate "under the radar" information about the school. Wiki means that the contents of the web can be edited by all of us, so that it can gradually offer useful information not available otherwise.

The reference language is English, but translation to German of articles is essential, so that non-english-speaking persons join in (see language conventions).

It has been launched by parents from pupils in St. George´s School Cologne, but would appreciate very much contributions of pupils, teachers and the management.

It is also aimed as a thermomether to gauge concerns, opinions and interests. Issues can be informally voted through Polls

The wiki system was chosen so that everyone could contribute, and the web didn´t need to be so intensively maintained. Unlike forums alone, the information remains compact and easy to search.

Where the issue is controverted, it should be discussed in the discussion tab until a consensus was reached, to avoid edit wars (please note that not all of the Wikipedia rules apply here).

New pagesEdit

Please insert these lines into new pages, if they are not already there, so that they can be found in local searches (not the whole Students Wikia) and in the "All pages" page. .

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On 16.05.2008 a request was made for a whole new wiki for "Parents of St. George´s School Cologne" at, but it was rejected because a wiki for students already exists at Students Wikia, (see info at wikia central on Students Wikia). So this wiki is a mini-wiki or subwiki of the Students Wikia.

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