If the Rock is starting to drive you insane or you just need a slushy and some stoges, there are several ways you can get down the hill into Great Barrington. Without a car, you’re probably going to find yourself walking some of the time. Alford (the road that both of the SR exits turn onto) provides a pretty even grade and will spit you out by Wöggaffer’s and Bill’s Pharmacy. Castle Hill, which is the first left past the Orchards after leaving campus, leads over to the hill on the other side of the railroad track, and there’s a sweet shortcut down a very steep driveway on the left just past the red house by Sumner St. that’ll take you straight down to the Triplex parking lot. To get to town from Upper Campus, take a right onto Lake Mansfield Rd. off the Fox Run and then a left onto Castle Hill.

The white school bus that drives between town and campus may pick you up if you stick your thumb out or something too.

Rockers maintain a pretty good distributed taxi system for other Rockers walking into town. They’re more likely to stop if you throw out your thumb. Random townies can also take you down the hill, but be careful.

The BRTA bus runs Mon-Sat except holidays. You also have to call the company ((413) 499-8782) and tell them that you need to be picked up at Simon's Rock, as Simon's Rock is a requested stop only. There are flyers up around campus about it. Call 1-800-292-BRTA and they will send you one for free. Buses run every hour or so. Be nice to the BRTA people; they're generally all right but if you're rude or demanding they won't help you as much. There is one really crazy bus driver who will talk the whole way about what's wrong with America today, which can be entertaining depending on what subject he's on that particular day. The #21 stops in front of the DAC and in front of RiteAid, then goes all the way up to the Lee outlet mall. From here you can catch another bus to Pittsfield, which is a helluva town if you like toxic waste. The main Pittsfield bus station is also an Amtrak and Greyhound station. If you're going to Boston this can be a smart way to go: you get on the B-Bus at school and pay 4.25, which will get you a transfer when you get to Lee, the last stop of the bus from the Rock. You get to stay on the first bus until the second bus meets you. If your second driver is friendly he'll point out some landmarks as you go through, including the cafe that Norman Rockwell painted. You'll get off right in front of the Pittsfield bus station that does local and regional buses and the Amtrak. Get on the Amtrak for $13 to go to South Station. It is invariably late. BUT YOU MUST BUY YOUR AMTRAK TICKET BEFORE YOU GET TO THE PITTSFIELD STATION. There is one ticket seller, an older man, and he is miserable and only gets more upset when asked for Amtrak tickets, which he does not sell. Also, be nice to the janitor there, as there's only one and he has small children at home.

Taxis: (Taxico): (413) 528-0567 (Nameless, but cheaper): (413) 528-0911

The Peter Pan bus (used to be Bonanza until Peter Pan bought them) leaves from Bill's Pharmacy at 362 Main Street, on the corner with Castle Hill. You can show up with money and buy a ticket before you get on or purchase one at You may also want to try if you want to go somewhere they don't or don't like the price they quote you. Here is their schedule for going to Boston and NYC:

GB - NYC $32.00: 11:10 AM 2:50 PM Daily, 5:25 PM 8:45 PM Daily, 5:25 PM 8:30 PM FSuH

NYC - GB $32.00: 10:00 AM 1:40 PM Daily, 12:30 PM 3:35 PM F, 5:00 PM 8:40 PM Daily

GB - Boston $42.00: 1:40 PM 6:50 PM MThFSaSuH, 3:35 PM 8:00 PM F

Boston - GB $42.00: 10:00 AM 5:25 PM Daily, 10:00 AM 5:25 PM FSuH

Becoming friends with older students who have cars is a very useful thing to do. They will invite you along on any adventures they are embarking upon and generally will give you a ride into town or pick you up from town if you ask nicely (giving them a few bucks for their trouble is a good way to say "thank you" - give an amount near what the gas expenditure cost). The trains that run through GB will not stop for you no matter how long you wait at the station.


The Bonanza Bus is a bus operated by Peter Pan Bus Lines that stops in Great Barrington. It runs twice a day and goes to Port Authority in New York City. The bus takes about 4 hours, and is usually mildly unpleasant, though not always terrible. It costs about $35, and the ticket must be paid for in cash. While normally purchased at Bill's Pharmacy, a little-known secret is that you can usually buy your ticket on the bus. (However, this may not always be true; if you have the time, just buy a ticket at Bill's.)

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