Residence Directors (RDs) and Peer Advocates (PAs) live in almost all dorm buildings.


RDs are adults who are the authority in dorms, serving both to support students and catch them when they break rules. Their duties include inspecting rooms before breaks, organizing events, settling roommate disputes, and enforcing parietals. Many RDs have other roles on campus, like Tom Coote, who was Dean of Residential Life, and Gabriel, who teaches French and Arabic. The current RDs are Erin Briggerman (Hill), Gabriel Asfar (Dolliver), Val Fanarjian (Dolliver), Annie Cushman-Kosar (Hill), Virginia Jeffries (Kendrick), Shalmai Rivera (Crosby), Molly Newton (Crosby), and Keon Diggs (Upper and Off Campus) .

Several RDs, including Heather Jones, Nicole Darcangelo and Sarah Nichols left after 09-09. Tom Coote is no longer Dean of Residential Life, instead teaching Biology sections, and Ken Geremia is now the new Head of Security.


PAs are returning students who live in the dorms and serve their peers by organizing house activities and providing support. While some PAs live in dorms with other returning students, many live in dorms with first-years and help them settle in. PAs also work a few hours a week in the student life offices. The role, formerly called Resident Assistant (RA), once included reporting students breaking rules. While this requirement was dropped, PAs may choose to report students they are worried about. PAs are selected at the end of each school year, and occasionally between semesters if needed. They are paid $2,000 a year.

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