Prospective students often ask many of the same questions.

What's AEP?

It's a scholarship that a few hundred people probably apply for every year. A few dozen get invited to AEP day, where they probably will all get scholarships, but where some will get pretty big scholarships and some will get smaller ones. Some people who aren't invited to AEP day will also received AEP scholarships. Admissions doesn't provide information; it's difficult to piece it together in more detail.

How's need-based financial aid?

It's not great, but it's okay. You can usually get them to scrounge up some more if you convince them you absolutely cannot come otherwise.

What's the drug-scene like on campus?

If you're not interested, it's probably avoidable. If you are, weed and prescription amphetamines are almost never unavailable, and psychedelics are around most of the time. Harder drugs are extremely rare and commonly frowned upon.

How strict are the rules?

So-so. Mildly-strict rules are not particularly strictly enforced. Chances are that compared to your parents and especially your high school, you will be staggered by the freedom you have (except for parietals).

What should I bring to campus when I move in?

They usually send a list of recommendations over the summer. We also recommend handsoap. Tridorms have a tendency to be really bad about supplying this, and an extra reservoir will definitely come in handy. If you're planning on doing any cooking, bringing your own utensils is a good idea. Borrowing can be kind of frustrating. Pots, pans, spatulas, strainers, and can openers are all good things to have. Dish washing liquid is also a good idea. Bring your own food, too; bookstore stuff is heavily overpriced, and it's a half hour walk into town, and then some if you want to get to a decently sized store. Keep these in your room if possible; personal refrigerators are handy. If you are driving to campus and have room, prices in the bookstore and Great Barrington will be higher and are better avoided. Coat hangers, paperclips, glue, scissors, tape, pencil sharpeners, magnets, and such will be a lot more useful than you think. Also, extra printing paper. In fact, bringing your own printer's a good idea, too, if you feel up to the hassle of moving it, becuase school printer's are unreliable. Sandals are nice to have, for a few months out of the year.

What's dating on campus like?

Mixed. Some people find someone perfect, and other people are left alone and unhappy. Gay students generally report worse experiences. Also see:

What's the social life like? What are the people like?

It's great (for some people). They are amazing (for some people).

You get very close to people, very quickly. It's not cliquish in the exclusive sense, but since you see the same people every day, the only thing to do is talk to friends and watch movies with friends and walk around campus with friends and you get the picture, and even when you go off campus it's with friends... your social group solidifies pretty quickly. It's hard to meet new friends any time but the beginning of the year, mostly because you get a feel for what most people are like in the first month or so, and then there isn't really anyone new to meet until next year (or January if there are JAs). But with the people you do bond with, you'll be freakishly close at times; and don't worry, everyone makes friends here who wants to.

For others, Simon's Rock can be a trying experience. Many are terribly unhappy and regret their decision. Simon's Rock is not necessarily an all-wonderful, safe haven where you are free to express yourself intellectually and creatively and will blossom into a bright, beautiful young academic. Young scholars are just as immature as they were in high school, but have a much larger vocabulary. Don't let Simon's Rock Propaganda go to your head. Remember, people are very different online than they are in person (it is almost impossible to emphasize enough just how true this is). Treat Simon's Rock realistically and evaluate if it will really best serve your interests.

Will I get in? Will I get a scholarship? Will I succeed academically and socially once I come? Will I ever get my novel published? What are the usual credientals, test scores and such forth, that people getting in and receiving scholarships have?

It's likely, we do accept a high percent of applicants. Maybe. It's possible. Maybe. That is a very difficult question to answer, but maybe there's a couple things we could say, although we don't make the decision so we don't really know. If you belong to a non-Asian ethnic minority and express this, you'll definitely get DuBois.

Are you as totally excited as I am?

Yes, totally. / No, not really.

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