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Berkshire Co-Op Market (Monday-Saturday 8a-8p, Sunday 10a-6p) left and quick right at bottom of the hill in front of Memorial Field on Bridge St. The Co-Op is privately owned and its employees are generally paid and are not necessarily members (Certain members work in order to offset the cost of the membership. Membership provides the benefit of being allowed to order in bulk. There is no price discount.). Co-Op employees and members do not take part in any administrative work or decision making. These decisions are made by a paid, elected, board of directors and some of the administrative office people. The Co-Op is really just a regular grocery store with a pretty face and membership options. Decent all-natural produce, some of it locally grown. Café and juice bar recommended for vegans and vegetarians. Some selection of Fair Trade coffee. Most expensive coffee and groceries in town.

Bizalion's Fine Foods. Ses unday through Thursday 10:00 - 4:00 Friday and Saturday 9:00 - 5:00

Just south of Guido's Fresh Marketplace. This place has an enormous variety of oilve oils, from France and Italy. In addition, their charcuterie counter is wonderful, having all sorts of patés, saucissions and prosciutto. Their cheese selection is wonderful, and on par with gourmet stores such as Dean and Deluca.

Price Chopper (Mon-Sat 6am-12am, Sun 7am-12am) is along Rt 7 in the K-Mart plaza headed out of town (left at bottom of hill) Least expensive supermarket in GB, fairly wide selection.

Big Y (Mon-Sat 7am-10pm, Sun 7am-9pm) is on Rt 7 south of town (right at bottom of hill) Slightly more expensive than Price Chopper, some say better. Another typical supermarket.

Guido's Fresh Marketplace: (Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm) on Rt 7 south of town just past Big Y Organic and specialty foods and some local produce. Slightly less expensive than the Co-Op, with a larger selection of local products and high quality produce.

El Punto De Encuentro is on the Main St. side of the Triplex parking lot. The Latin Market sells various speciality foods typical of the region and includes speciality sodas, dry goods, and other such items.

Gorham & Norton (8a-6p Mon-Sat) is on Main St. This small grocery and package store has "a distinguished selection of imported and domestic wines, beer, cheeses, liquor, and a host of specialty foods." They carry bread from the Daily Bread Co. They are located near the green awning on Main St. Somewhat costly.

Rubiner's Cheesemongers & Grocers is on Main. According to the American Cheese Society, Rubiner's is a "cheese shop and specialty grocer" owned by Matthew Rubiner, who currently leads the regional chapter of Slow Food and is a former ACS competition judge. Expensive, but possibly worth it for cheese enthusiasts. Ryan Carey, faculty in History, claims that they are one of the three best cheese chops in the nation. Behind it is Rubi’s, a café with good sandwiches and the best espresso in the region.

Taft Farms is on Route 183 & Division Street. This is the retail outlet for a local farm in Great Barrington. They are not always labeled as organic due to occasional use of pesticides and the cost of achieving an organic sticker. They sell produce, poultry, eggs, and goods baked mostly from their own grain. Selection is seasonal.

Quick FoodEdit

La Azteca: The burrito place that makes decent burritos.

Common Ground Coffeehouse: Located on Rt. 7 across the street from the Price Chopper plaza, they have good coffee (food, as well) with free wi-fi.

Baba Louie’s: Sourdough pizza that is pretty good. Great BQ chicken pizza with real gouda. Decently priced. You can also sit down. Known for very delicious and creative food.

Manhattan Pizza: The other pizza concern in Great Barrington. Cheap, not bad. Delivers to SRC.

Subway: Chain store with subway sandwiches (aka grinders, heroes, hoagies, etc.)

Cumby’s: A gas station that is open 24 hours. They have 69 cent slushies. And gummi dinosaurs. Can you actually ask for more than that? There have been a few reported cases of food poisoning from Cumby's sandwiches, however, so be careful.

The Co-Op: see Grocery

The Coffee Shop: OK coffee, good prices.

Rubi's: Fantastic coffee, great sandwiches and soup. The coffee is fairly priced, the food's a little expensive.

SoCo Creamery: An ice cream store that used to be called Bev’s. Lots of Rockers have worked there. The owner and manager are jerks, but they make a fine ice cream. SoCo Creamery no longer uses local/organic milk or products in its ice cream and instead uses regional mega-brand Hood.

McDonald's: Great Barrington branch of notoriously popular chain of fast food restaurants, located in Price Chopper plaza.

Dunkin' Donuts: Coffee. Donuts. Crappy bagels. Have you honestly never been here? In front of the police station, just south of BCC.


Helsinki: A café with a house tea to die for. Nice waitresses and good prices. There is a club attached where marginally famous people sometimes play live music.

Castle Street Café: Next to the Mahaiwe. Expensive. Snooty. On Castle Street, shockingly.

Pearl’s: Pricy restaurant that the administration frequents. They have a good, relatively inexpensive Sunday brunch.

Martin’s: The best breakfast you will ever have. Go there. Seriously. Martin is God.

Bizen: High priced sushi, but it is also really good. Look carefully: when Brad Pitt is in the Berkshires, he goes there for dinner.

Shiro: Cheaper than Bizen, and better on the traditional Japanese food front (Bizen is more nouveau); they lack Bizen's flair and crazy fancy rolls but make classic Japanese dishes spot-on. Also usually less crowded and quieter. They have a Hibachi grill, if you're into that. They also have live scallops on Thursday that are incredible, but they come in small quantities and by Friday they are not fresh enough to serve anymore, so one must be quick about getting them.

The Neighborhood Diner: Not as good as Martin’s, but still pretty decent. There are dancing foods on the walls.

Siam Square Thai Cuisine: The Thai place. Has reasonable Thai food at decent prices by Great Barrington stanrdards ($16-$20 an entrée on average).

Great Wall: Greasy Chinese, just like Mom used to make. Cheapest Chinese food option. Great lunch special price. Delivers to Campus with a $35 minimum order.

The East: Slightly better Chinese food and also some sushi. Right across the street from Price Chopper and McDonalds.

Koi: The high-end Chinese food place in town. Expensive for a plate of noodles. Requires a car to get there, on the way to Butternut Ski resort. Replaced an awesome restaurant named Panda West, which unfortunately burned down.

Aroma: Moderately priced Indian food but with considerably better food. Sunday brunch is recommended. Can be found by heading towards Big Y, on the left, right next to the police station. Brian Conolly has been seen here on several occasions.

The Dream Away Lodge: This is an excursion, not just a place to eat. They're considered a "Berkshire legend" and a "mythic roadhouse." All kinds of fancy famous folks went here. Wednesday is acoustic night. [1] The Eagle reviews them with hysterical joy. [2] You'll see professors here sometimes. See their website for menus, prices, calendar of events. [3]

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