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Nancy Bonvillain, PhD., professor of Anthropology and Linguistics, is the most prolific and one of the most prestigious members of the SRC faculty. She also runs the Tutoring and Writing Center (TaWC).

Credentials and History Nancy recieved her B.A. magna cum laude from Hunter College, and her PhD. from Coloumbia University. She is a leading authority on Native American cultures and Languages, having written books on the Mohawk language, and the Huron, Mohawk, Hopi, Teton and Santee Sioux, Navajo, Inuit, and Zuni nations, and their religious practices. Her articles have appeared in Anthropological Linguistics, American Indian Culture and Research Journal, International Journal of American Linguistics, Dialectic Anthropology, Papers on Iroquoian Research, and in several collections. She has taught at Columbia University, SUNY Purchase and Stonybrook, the New School for Social Research, and Sarah Lawrence College, and received fellowships from the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Philosophical Society, and the U.S. Bureau of the Census. She has done fieldwork with the Navajo and on the Akwensasne Mohawk Reserve. In short, she knows her shit.

Teaching Nancy is a much beloved professor, both because of her extremely broad and deep knowledge of Native American culture and linguistics and her easy-going teaching style. Her classes have a very relaxed atmosphere. They are fully discussion-oriented, but she manages to expound a great deal of information and personal anecdotes, topical and not, at the same time. She is a rather easy grader, not a stickler for attendance or lateness, and assigns very little written work. She is unabashedly a huge fan of movies, once telling a Soph. Sem. class "If you take nothing else away from this course, remember not to read books, because it'll only ruin the movie." Classes with Nancy are highly recommended and guaranteed to be fun, easy and informative. The only caveat is that they are sometimes extremely light on theory, and may focus on simple facts of different cultural norms.

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