• DAC: The Daniel Arts Center has two theatres, classrooms, offices, an art gallery, a dance studio, a video studio and editing suites, and art studios.
  • Fisher: The science building has classrooms and labs, offices, an auditorium, a greenhouse, and many pretty display cases.
  • Classrooms: Our classes are taught around big tables to about a dozen students, but the two classroom buildings aren't particularly exciting.
  • Lecture Center: The lecture center is used for classes, lectures, and movie screenings.
  • Library: The Alumni Library houses books, computers, and an art gallery.
  • College Center: The Hall College Center houses faculty, administration, and business offices.

Other Places for Students:

  • Student Union: The Livingston Hall Student Union houses a game room, a TV lounge, the snack bar, the mailroom, the bookstore, the forml lounge, Health Services, Student Life offices, and rooms for meetings.
  • Dining Hall: The Dining Hall is a hub for eating and socializating.
  • Kellogg: The Kellogg Music Center houses practice and performance space.
  • Owl's Nest: The Owl's Nest College holds space for the Owl's Nest Coalition, a group of race-related organization
  • Kilpatrick: The Kilpatrick Athletic Center (or KAC) has some of the best athletic facilities in the region, included a large gym, pool, 100m indoor track, 3 squash/racketball courts, weight room, and rockwall. Simon's Rock shares the space with the comunity, but student have their own locker rooms.

Other places:

  • Security: Security was formerly housed in a small security shack. However, since the intersession of 2011-2012, Security is now housed in half of the mail room in the Student Union.
  • Physical Plant
  • Gatehouse: The Gatehouse is home to professor Bernie Rodgers and is located near the Physical Plant entrance to campus.
  • Liebowitz: The Liebowitz Building, located across Alford Rd, once house our dance studio, but holds holds offices and a wonderful art gallery. During the summer of 2011, the building is not named the Liebowitz Internation Center.
  • Dorms: Students live in dorms.

Off Campus:

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