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Mark Vecchio is an adjunct professor at the Rock. He mainly teaches myth courses and playwriting courses. He also teaches first year seminar and taught two sections in Fall 2007 and Spring 2008, though the current course catalog for Fall 2008 has him listed as teaching one. He has a dedicated band of loyal followers, many of whom are majoring in myth or related areas. He leads group trips during the summer, his most recent one being a Summer 2008 trip to Greece and Turkey.

Mark told one of his Fall 2008 seminar classes that he had been taught by Allen Ginsberg, and elaborated about their relationship, saying "I didn't like him, but he liked me." Shortly after, the Allen Ginsberg wikipedia article had the following sentence added: "Ginsberg taught creative writing at several universities. One of his former students, Mark Vecchio, is currently an adjunct professor at Bard College at Simon's Rock."

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