Do it. A lot. More than you think you should.

Laundry is available for free in the basement of each tri-dorm. Beware, there are far too few machines and you will be showered with leaky pipe/toilet water. A standard wash cycle takes 48 minutes, a standard dry cycle takes 60.

Be aggressive about guarding your laundry. Approximately 14 seconds after it finishes, someone (usually a someone-who-is-not-you) will take everything out and stick it on top of the machine so they can use it.

Socks: (a) It is widely acknowledged that both washers and dryers eat socks for sustenance. If you are interested in having socks at the end of the semester, it is suggested that you put them inside of a "delicates bag" (a zippered pillowcase works just as well). (b) Dry your socks. When you take them out...can you detect any moisture? Put them the hell back in. Still damp? AGAIN. There is nothing worse in the laundryverse than going back up to your room, feeling chipper about having done your laundry, and then putting wet socks in your drawer. Within 30 minutes, your room will smell like wet dog. Your hall will smell like wet dog. It is disgusting. DRY YOUR DAMN SOCKS. (i) If you are a dum-dum and ignore this, and wind up with a room reeking of moose's axilla, open your window, turn your fan on high, and aim it at the socks. After a day or two, the smell should lessen (somewhat.)

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