Some people get jobs in town, but there are also many jobs available on campus. Some are reserved for people who qualify for work-study, which is determined by financial aid. Other jobs are open to students regardless of financial status, though some only to students with certain qualifications. Campus jobs all pay minimum wage, which is now $8 an hour. Students are not generally allowed to work more than 10 hours a week, which, for a full year, earns about $3,000.

Work-study PositionsEdit

  • The library hires students to work the circulation desk and do other things, like shelve books. Working the circulation desk is often a chance to get paid to do your homework.
  • The mailroom hires students to distribute mail and take calls.
  • The greenhouse hires students to take care of plants.
  • Information Technology hires students to help their peers with computers.
  • The gym hires students to work at the rock wall.
  • The technical theatre department hires students as lighting, sound, and set crew on major productions. There are also smaller, one-day shows that have 2-3 student workers on them.

Qualified PositionsEdit

  • The Writing and Tutoring Center hires writing tutors to help people with papers. They must be returning students who have taken a class on tutoring.
  • The Writing and Tutoring Center hires subject tutors to help people with homework and studying for tests. They must have taken the class before and done well.
  • Admissions hires student reps to give tours and do paperwork. They are selected at the end of the year.
  • Student Life hires PAs (Peer Advocates) to live in dorms and support their peers, and spend a few hours a week in the office. They are selected at the end of the year and paid $4,000 a year.
  • The gym hires certified students as lifeguards.

Technically Not Campus JobsEdit

A couple places on campus are run by outside companies but still hire students:

  • The bookstore hires kids to stock stuff and work the register.
  • The dining hall hires kids, and probably pays a little better than minimum wage.

Off-campus JobsEdit

Many students, though mostly returning students with cars, find jobs in town, where there are many restaurants and stores. A number have gotten jobs at the Co-op Market. Others have found babysitting positions, which are sometimes posted about on school bulletin boards.

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