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The Simon's Rock Infoshop Collective is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based social collective/student organization. They believe in the power of students working together to educate themselves and meet student needs. They work collectively on an assortment of projects, which have included creating a useful handbook, bringing guest speakers to Simon's Rock, a bake sale, and operating a community space and radical book/zine library. All are welcome to their open meetings where membership is defined simply by involvement and where ideas can find input and support. They are interested in organizing workshops and events, independent publishing, music, and whatever other projects their members choose to pursue.

Additionally, the Infoshop takes some of the ideas of anarcho-student activism of the 1960s and attempts to make them relevant in 2008 at this small liberal arts college. It can be a little extreme and insular to new students trying to involve themselves but is run by a good community of people and their purpose is a good one even if it can lose focus from "fighting the man" at times.

During the 2005-2006 year, the Infoshop was an all-night haven for procrastination, far-left literature and zines, indie, folk-rock and noise music, intellectual discussion, development of Simon's Rock culture, and gained a reputation as a "hive of scum and villiany," perhaps due in part to the behavioral histories of several members. Just as the Infoshop accepts all members of the Simon's Rock community as potential friends and members of the collective without prejudice, perhaps the community at large should reciprocate this tolerance and not stigmatize an entire student group out of hand.

The Infoshop was displaced from its room in the old student union located underneath the dining hall as a result of the 2006-2007 opening of the new student union and subsequent decommissioning of the older space . For this reason, Infoshop regulars attempted to secure Mod 9.5, a move fiercely resisted by most Mod residents. Complaints against the Infoshop included hygienic concerns, late-night noise, illicit behavior, and other concerns. The issue is still pending and the Infoshop continues to look for a new location to store their books and coffee maker.

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