Ian James is a Peer Advocate in Dolliver. He is currently a Sophomore and is from Iowa, though he lived in California for the first five years of his life.

When he came to Simon's Rock, he planned on going into a 3-2 Engineering/Physics program with Columbia, but his lack of interest and good grades caused him to change his focus. During the summer between his Freshmen and Sophomore year his focus changed to Game Development.

Some consider Ian to be somewhat of a "ladies-man" or a skeez, but is actually a nice guy. He has hooked up with five girls on campus. His two closest friends are Chandler Wang and Conor Koenig. He used to be close to Alexis Koda but the two experienced a falling out midway through his second semester as a Freshmen. He is currently close to Eve Miller and has become increasingly distant from his friends other than Conor and Chandler.

Ian's biggest influence, as far as becoming a Peer Advocate, was Gabe Salgado. Gabe was enthusiastic about Dolliver and the community and this drove Ian to apply for the position. Ian now inhabits Gabe's old room in Dolliver.

Ian used to have long curly hair and glasses but during the last weeks of the 2008 summer, he got contacts and got a major hair cut. The school hasn't taken a new photo of him for the 08-09 school year key cards so Ian is seen showing the picture to people to show the contrast. He is routinely thought to be a freshmen by those not in his direct group of friends.

He is currently enrolled in these classes: Graphic Design, Imagining the Harem, Computer Organization and Assembly Languages, and Sophomore Seminar.

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