The disciplinary process is covered pretty thoroughly by the school produced handbook. A few other things to consider:

The process, as outlined in the handbook, might not be followed perfectly. That might work in your favor.

The disciplinary system can be slow and confusing.

Stay cool if you’re caught. Think of things and prepare to present your case well later.

In both your letter and your oral presentation, try to present your case as clearly as possible, using simple and non-manipulative language. If you don't really have a case, point out anything you've done for the community and demonstrate that you've learned your lesson, and you might have a shot. Remember, an empty can of beer carries the same consequences as an ounce of weed, but you have a much better chance at appealing the former.

Social Probation, or SoPro, doesn't have to be a big deal if you're careful, although by default you lose any scholarship you're on at the end of the school year (note that this doesn't affect sophomores or seniors with two-year scholarships). It's possible to get this aspect of the consequences dropped in contesting the first offense, especially if you can demonstrate value to the community and an otherwise clean record. If you’re caught again, the fact that you're on SoPro won't help your case. It's best to cut back, lay low, and be careful if you're going to be breaking the rules.

Simon's Rock rarely expels students, and usually the kids they see as problems leave after getting suspended through the normal two-strike process or a more serious single incident. Normal suspension lasts for a semester after the end of the semester during which you left, after which you can apply for readmission. Depending on the circumstances of the suspension, the college may attach special conditions to your suspension: being banned from campus during the term of suspension is common, and sometimes students are asked not to come back by members of the Student Life staff.

It takes a lot to get on the school's bad side, but it can be done. Hint: Weapons and violence are not taken kindly to here. There was a shooting in 1992 by a student named Wayne Lo (check out a book called "Gone Boy" from the library for info), and the trauma of that event is still in the collective memory. Even toy guns and weapons are not truly allowed (this includes water guns). You may think of that as silly, but there are teachers and staff that still work here that were around when the shooting occured (a few i've heard were even witnesses) and this behavior is not something that they appreciate seeing. People they knew and cared about were hurt (physically and mentally) and that is something that it can take a long time to get past. Joking about violence is also frowned upon. People could misunderstand you and take your joke as a serious threat, so just keep away from the topic if your company may not understand your joke.

Chain of Appeals - You can appeal a decision of House Council to Judicial Committee, a decision of Judicial Committee to Appeals Committee. After that, you’ve blown your chances to wiggle through. According to the college’s Student Handbook, you can appeal something “if [you] believe that the procedures of the college outlined in this handbook have not been followed, or that a decision is unfair because of a factual error or because it is inconsistent with the policies of the college,” but in any case it doesn’t hurt to try.

Harassment Committee - In cases of discrimination and harassment, students can take faculty and staff members to the Discrimination & Harassment Committee. The school encourages personally approaching the harasser, after which information mediation is available through a teacher or member of Student Life. If these primary means fail to resolve the dispute, it is the student’s responsibility to petition Harassment Committee. See pages 19 and 35-36 in the college’s Student Handbook for details of the nondiscimination policy.

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