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Faculty in Arts & AestheticsEdit

Faculty in Languages & LiteratureEdit

Faculty in Natural Sciences & MathematicsEdit

Faculty in Social SciencesEdit

  • Asma Abbas, Political Science
  • Nancy Bonvillain, Anthropology/Cultural Studies (Adjunct/Part-Time/Visiting)
  • Virginia Brush, Psychology (Adjunct/Part-Time/Visiting)
  • Ryan Carey, History
  • Edgar Chamorro, Social Science (Adjunct/Part-Time/Visiting)
  • Peter G. Cocks, Politics
  • Christopher Coggins, Geography
  • Fadhel Kaboub, Economics (Adjunct/Part-Time/Visiting)
  • Philip Mabry, Sociology
  • Mary B. Marcy, Political Science
  • Paul Naamon, Social Studies (Adjunct)
  • Anne O'Dwyer, Psychology
  • Samuel Ruhmkorff, Philosophy
  • Nancy Yanoshak, History, Women's Studies

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