Many students like to knit, use laptops, or eat during class, but some teachers don't allow these things. This chart can help you learn how your teachers feel. Remember though, even teachers who don't mind these things may still appreciate being asked, and many teachers will be more sympathetic if you explain why you like to knit, like if having something to do with your hands makes you less fidgety, and if you continue to participate.

If you have information about other teachers, please add it, but please be cautious about assuming teachers' approval. Try to go based on what they've said rather than what you've seen other students do. The notes sections are for concise clarifications; personal experiences that contribute towards a comprehensive answer should be added to the discussion page.

A Key Edit

  • - teacher approves
  • X - teacher diapproves
  • + - teacher encourages it
  • - - teacher might give you a hard time
  • ? - information is unknown or uncertain
  • * - see notes

The Chart Edit

Teacher Knitting Laptops Eating Notes
Asma Abbas  ? √+ Understands that food should be at the center of most social gatherings
Linda Anderson  ?  ?  ?
Gabriel V. Asfar X X - Expects students' total attention. Occasionally brings in food for the class
Karen Beaumont  ?  ?
Michael Bergman √- √- Likes to give students a hard time about everything
Ian Bickford  ?
Nancy Bonvillain
Jennifer "Jenny" Browdy de Hernandez  ? √- √+ Will allow laptops for in-class writing, really likes to feed students
Virginia "Ginny" A. Brush X X X Will make exceptions for very good reasons.
Lawrence "Larry" Burke  ? X √- likes your full attention in class. Probably disapproves of knitting. Eating is a non-issue for film students
Christopher K. Callanan X X  ?
Ryan J. Carey  ?  ?
Weijun Chen  ?  ?  ?
Christopher Coggins √?  ?
Brian Francis Conolly  ? X  ? May be more lenient if you can prove you don't have internet access.
Joan DelPlato
Emmanuel Dongala
William "Bill" D. Dunbar  ?  ?
Gidon Eshel  ?  ?  ?
Peter Filkins  ?  ? √- Discourages eating, but allows it under extenuating circumstances
Rebecca "Becky" Fiske  ? √-
Arthur S. Hillman  ?  ?  ?
Hal L. Holladay  ?  ? X
James "Jamie" W. Hutchinson X X Eating restriction is enforced selectively, May be more strict in seminar
William "Bill" D. Jackson  ?  ?  ?
Eric Kramer √+  ?
Ben Krupka X? X? X? Mixing these things with ceramics is difficult.
Ellen Condliffe Lagemann  ?  ?  ?
Joy Lapseritis
Philip Mabry √?  ?  ? Contract not renewed, for reasons that most likely suck.
Tanya Marcuse  ?  ?  ?
Brendan Mathews
Mary B. Marcy  ?  ?  ? Very rarely teaches classes
Susan "Sue" Mechanic-Meyers  ? Earing during labs is a foolish idea
Aimee K. Michel  ?  ?  ?
David Reed Myers
John E. Myers  ?
Paul Naamon Doesn't mind eating, but he'd probably rather you didn't
Anne O’Dwyer
Barbara D. Resnik  ?  ?
Bernard "Bernie" F. Rodgers, Jr.  ?
Mileta M. Roe  ?  ?  ?
Donald R. Roeder  ?  ?  ?
Samuel Ruhmkorff Rarely teaches classes. Will occasionally make waffles.
Robert "Bob" E. Schmidt √+- Likes to give students a hard time about everything
Patricia Sharpe  ?
Paul Shields √+ Expects students to bring laptops
Wendy Shifrin  ?
Robert "Bob" L. Snyder  ?  ?  ?
Maryann B. Tebben  ?  ?  ?
Colette van Kerckvoorde √+  ? X?
Mark Vecchio √? Accepts bribes from students in the form of high-grade chocolate.
Laurence "Larry" D. Wallach  ? √+ Encourages drinking hot beverages in class if tired
John B. Weinstein  ? X Laptops and intensive language courses do not mix. May be more lenient during cultural courses
Y. L. (Mariela) Wong  ?  ? X
Brain Wynne ? ?
Nancy Yanoshak Has been known to bring a pot of tea to wake students up in morning classes.
Tai Young-Taft  ?  ?  ? Probably no longer teaching

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