The Columbia Combined Plan (3-2) program enables students to receive both a liberal arts and an engineering education. Students receive a B.A. degree in Pre-Engineering from Simon's Rock, as well as a B.S. in an engineering discipline from Columbia University.

The following is a list of tips/things to do, compiled by previous and current SRC/CU 3-2 students.

The Application ProcessEdit

After admittance:


At ColumbiaEdit


  • Don't get a full meal plan. It's much cheaper to buy sandwhiches, snacks, and hot food in Carleton Lounge (the cafe in Mudd). That said, sometimes it's convenient to go to the dining hall to meet people and eat lunch with friends who are on meal plan.
  • ENJOY NSOP. Do as many events as you can, as you probably won't feel like exploring the city later. The Brooklyn Bridge tour is fun, but be careful that it's hot (as of NSOP 2012), and buying bottled water from vendors on the bridge is pretty expensive.
  • Go to the free events. Columbia's expensive, but the free events occasionally give out free swag (like T-shirts, beanies, and scarves).

You do not have guaranteed housing for your 2nd year at Columbia. As of spring 2013, there is a lottery to get into the standard housing lottery, where you are counted as a senior (if you get in). As of spring 2013, 74 students are able to get guaranteed housing.

Columbia-provided housing is generally cheaper ($700-$1000/month) than what you can find around campus ($950+/month).

Useful LinksEdit

WARNING: Not specific to Combined Plan.

From here, you can find the degree tracks (required courses) and concentrations that are available to your major, by clicking on your major and going to the Degree Track page. Remember that you CANNOT switch majors.

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